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Ramsey relights the fire at Arsenal


I will hold my hands up and admit that I was one of Aaron Ramsey’s biggest critics last season, his form wasn’t helped by the fact that Wenger played him out on the wing but I still got frustrated with watching him play last season and I honestly couldn’t see that he was going to improve but in true Ramsey style he is making me eat my words. I don’t know what happened to him in the summer but whatever he did it worked, to coin a Wenger phrase I normally hate but Ramsey “is just like a new signing”, the improvement from last year is immense and he is currently holding our team together and doing it really well.

Ramsey has scored 5 goals in 8 games currently making Van Persie look like Torres, his finish has improved greatly as has his linking play and ability to read the game and be more aware of where his teammates are around him on the pitch but the biggest improvement in Ramsey is his confidence-he has bundles of it at the moment and I think the team are feeding off this renewed energy and so they should. It’s good to see Ramsey shouting on a pitch and telling players where to go and what he is doing next, he rarely communicated leaving everyone guessing what he was going to do and as a result they are linking much better and creating better chances. Not only is he creating chances for the others but he is scoring goals and they have been decent goals-every single one of them. He used to fumble and flounder in front of a goal but now he approaches the box with confidence, just shoots and scores goals like he has been doing it the whole time.

I am so excited to see how Ramsey’s season pans out, I really think he could be one of our best players this year and with Özil, Flamini, Wilshere and Cazorla we could build a fierce midfield that our opposition will detest playing against. If he carries on this form he could also be a great potential future captain.

So once again I’m sorry because I was very wrong about Ramsey but I’ll make up for it by cheering him on all season singing  “He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Aaron Ramsey he scores when he wants”




Latest Arsenal News


Jack Wilshere received a lot of criticism today for his performance against Ukraine and I think some of it was unfair especially from Gooners. I’ll admit that Wilshere just isn’t up to scratch for club or country at the moment but he was no worse on Tuesday night than the rest of the team. What I think people neglect to remember is that Wilshere is still recovering from his ankle injury, it is clear that he hasn’t regained full strength yet as he is picking up niggles every now and then. With the signing of Ozil, Wilshere will get to rest and hopefully repair the damage fully and be back to his normal self. A lot of us wrote Ramsey off last season myself included but he has been our best player so far this season proving that in time you can return to full ability. Wilshere still gets on that pitch in any state and gives his all and you have to admire him for that and cut him some slack, it was just one game.

As always International duty has taken it’s toll on the team but this time it is ridiculous as our injury list has extended to 10 players. Walcott has an Achilles injury and will have a late fitness test as will Jack Wilshere who also took a hard knock in a challenge in Ukraine. Rosicky is out with a possible thigh strain and was taken off injured  and Ramsey collided with an advertising board and injured his head. Yaya Sanogo has also picked up his second injury of his Gunners so far but at least Diaby gets some company now. I really think we are going to struggle without ten players, but maybe Zelalim, Gnabry and Akpom will get a chance to gain some experience in the first team.

New signing Mesut Özil scored for the German National team On Tuesday and looks set to make his debut this weekend with so many players crocked. He arrived at Arsenal today and his first picture at the London Colney is above.

That’s the latest Arsenal news from the GIA team 🙂



Top 5 Ozil chants to sing this season


We are all still buzzing about signing the best no 10 in the world and I have spent the last week collecting the funniest Ozil Chants on Twitter so we all know what to sing on his impending debut. Here are my top 5 favourite chants

5. @jheracleouseie came up with this Ozil v Bale related chant.

Ooooooo mesut ozil!
He left the mighty real Madrid to play in red n white, He didn’t want to stay in Spain coz bale is Fucking shite!
Oooooo mesut ozil!

4. This wonderful chant was thought up by @AndysFish

OOOOzil OOOOoo OOOOzil OOOooo He came from Real Madrid, to help turn over the Yids.

3. When the Gooners were at the Emirates on that chilly night waiting for the Ozil deal to be announced they started singing this one to the tune of 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Ozil to the Arsenal, Ozil to the Arsenal, Ozil to the Arsenal

2. I actually spat my tea out laughing when @Nickyf1982 tweeted me this fantastic chant made up by @KeithTheGooner

His hairband brings all the boys to the yard, Ozil, is better than Lampard, yeah Ozil is better than Lampard.

1. My favourite had to be this one, it was the most talked about one on Twitter and Facebook for days and I’m certain that I will be hearing it at the Emirates this season. It was sent to me by @wellbeloved13 and I love it.

Cazorla to left of me, Ozil to the right,  stuck in the middle Giroud

I want to hear all you Gooners singing these songs for Ozil, let’s cheer on our superstar!



Welcome to Arsenal Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil New Face of Adidas

After 3 months of a tiring and frustrating transfer window Arsenal fans can breathe a sigh of relief as Arsene’s chequebook has made it’s first outing and what a great signing to pay that first cheque out for. Mesut Özil has joined Arsenal on a 5 year deal worth a record-breaking £42.3million which is 27.5million more than what we have ever paid for a player and he will rightly so be the highest paid player at Arsenal on £130,000 a week.

German International Özil is an attacking midfielder with such a great background in football that even at his young age of 24 he is still one of the best around. He has scored 27 goals and 83 assists in the last 3 years which is nothing short of impressive and his contribution to games is phenomenal, his link up play and technical ability are also strong and he will definitely provide that creative ability that we are lacking in and around the goal box. Not only is the player exciting in terms of talent but he will also boost the confidence of the Arsenal squad and of course it will please the fans no end.

Arsene Wenger spoke of his delight at the new Gunner on

“We are extremely pleased to have signed Mesut Özil. He is a great player, with proven quality at both club and international level. We have watched and admired him for some time as he has all the attributes I look for in an Arsenal player.

Mesut is a top quality footballer who will be a fantastic addition to our talented squad. We are all looking forward to him joining up with us after his international matches with Germany and working with us as an Arsenal player”

24 year old Özil will link up with Arsenal after the Germany game on Friday and he also speaks of his pleasure at joining Arsenal. A whole day was spent negotiating his move from Real Madrid and he is glad the deal is finally done he told journalists after his medical this afternoon.

“I am thrilled to be joining a club of the stature of Arsenal and am looking forward to playing in the Premier League. It will be great for my own personal development as a player and I am particularly looking forward to working with Arsène Wenger. I want to help Arsenal win trophies again”

Mesut Özil has the potential to be one of the best players we have ever bought, I for one can’t wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt running around Ashburton Grove assisting all of Giroud’s goals this season. This one amazing transfer for Arsenal to pull off and it shows clear ambition from the club and makes this season a more exciting one to follow.

Welcome to Arsenal Mesut Özil


Gunners in Arms evening news

Welcome to a new feature that we are introducing, it will be a simple summary of the Arsenal news stories that break throughout the day. There have been a lot of news floating around in the last 24 hours but I thought I’d bring you the main stories.

Bracewell-Smith regrets Kroenke sale


Arsenal’s honoury vice-president Nina Bracewell-Smith has spoken out on her regret at selling her shares to Stan Kroenke and took to Twitter on Sunday night to sympathise with frustrated fans. She tweeted the following

‘What a shame the board recommended a Kroenke takeover and paid Rothchilds 3m fee’

‘And how deeply I regret selling to Kroenke. Bring David Dein and give Usmanov representation on the board if we are to have success going forward.’

She later deleted the tweets but they indicate that she shares the opinions of the fans that are annoyed by the fact the club haven’t spent any money this summer, she also feels that Usmanov could take Arsenal forward should he be allowed.

Arsenal bid for Yohan Cabaye


The Gunners have made an official £10m bid for Newcastle United midfielder Yohan Cabaye after the pressure was piled on Wenger following their defeat to Aston Villa. 27 year old Cabaye is described as attacking midfielder but his best qualities are the ability to score goals and his creative play in and outside the box. He is a great quality player but once again Wenger has gone in far too low and the bid was rejected by the Magpies this afternoon according to Sky Sports who also claim PSG and Spurs are also interested.

Wilshere believes the team deserved to be booed on Saturday


Super Gooner Jack Wilshere believes that fans were fully entitled to have a bad reaction to the game on Saturday but hopes that they can put the game behind them and carry on the support. When interviewed after the game Wilshere told the Metro

‘We are not happy and we have to take a good look in the mirror and pick ourselves up.

‘The reaction of the crowd was understandable.

‘They pay their money to watch us and we need to put in better performances than that — and to win games.

‘My message to the supporters is to stick with us. It is a long season.’

Arsenal groups contact the club after the loss to Villa

Two of the biggest Arsenal fan groups have contacted the club with a response to the result of Saturday’s game. The Black Scarf Movement sent a letter to Ivan Gazidis expressing their ‘deep concern’ about the current situation at Arsenal in terms of having huge finances and assurances that money was available in Q and A sessions with the board in recent months. They have also pointed out that loyal fans are starting to walk away from the club as a result of the poor way things have been handled.

The AST have sent a letter to Arsenal expressing the opinion that they do not want Arsene Wenger to be offered a further contract after his current one expires.

That’s all for today and thank you for reading.




Arsenal v Aston Villa-It’s a no win situation for Arsene


Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa

It was a cloudy day over Ashburton Grove this weekend but the atmosphere before the game seemed mixed as we went to the supporters club and chatted to a few other fans, despite our concerns over the summer transfer action we were optimistic with a slight edge of nerves. Sadly we were right to be nervous as the Gunners fell apart and lost their first game of the season to Aston Villa.

There were positives about Saturday’s game, I think we played well in the first 30 minutes even after Villa equalised through a Benteke penalty rebound, we started the game well and had control of the possession and passing was definitely improved. Giroud finding the back of the net early in the game was positive, it shows how hard he has been working during the summer and there is noticeable improvement in his play.

The negatives are very clear to anyone, the team are weak and look tired and that shouldn’t be the case on the first game of the season, their stamina should be at its highest and they should be fit and raring to go. Players picked up injuries and there is a clear issue of weakness at the back and Koscielny was sent off as a result of two yellow cards leaving Arsenal further in trouble.

Defence is not the only issue, there is a huge gaping hole where a striker should be and that is in the box. Arsenal are really struggling to get the ball from midfield into the box without interception and this was a huge problem last season too, it could be formation but I think Giroud just lacks that little bit of pace to get there quick enough or if the ball is at his feet Walcott is nowhere to be seen. In the box play needs to be addressed soon, if Wenger isn’t going to buy the players then he at least needs to remedy the errors from last season.

The referee Antony Taylor does have to take responsibility for some poor decisions during the game, I actually thought he was Mike Dean in disguise at one point as he just seemed determined to get his first cards of the season out.

Saturday’s game has left Arsene Wenger under more pressure than ever after it is clear that Arsenal are not prepared for the new season despite having 3 months to be organised. Wenger has taken a huge risk in not buying anyone so far and giving the fans the same old rubbish excuses is just not good enough, he is alienating the very people who he wants to support the team.

What we are about to see now is Wenger’s typical last minute panic buying which he hopes will cover the cracks in the team until May but this year I don’t think even that will be enough. We will end up paying over the odds for players who we don’t need or lower quality than what was available at the beginning of the summer.We play Fenerbahce on Wednesday in a Champion’s League qualifier and if we lose that game that will further affect the quality of players we will be able to bring in by the end of the transfer window and the fans will pile on the pressure.

Wenger is now in a no win situation, if he spends it will now be panic buys and it still won’t be good enough to satisfy the fans, if he sticks to his guns and continues with the team he believes will win the league he will fail as they are not strong enough. Either way Arsene can’t win and I think this is the end of the road for him, the fans have had enough and they are tired of enduring the same old excuses for failure every season, they want change and he isn’t willing to do that so he has to go.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to comment.





Arsenal season preview 13/14


Once again we have suffered a long summer at the hands of our manager who refuses to spend and a board who struggle to make him and we start the new season with a weaker squad than what we finished with. There are only a few positives to take from this summer but they are still things to be grateful for.

1.We finally cleared out the deadwood from the club including Santos, Gervinho and Chamakh who join the list of players below that have left Ashburton Grove this summer. For years we’ve had to endure watching these substandard players and dreaded seeing certain names on the teamsheet but not this season-well apart from Bendnter who we still can’t get rid of despite accepting 5 offers for him so there is a risk he could pop up.


2. For once Arsenal haven’t sold their best player(s) to rival teams, not that we have much left to sell but it’s something we have to tolerate most summers so it has been a relief to not see the good ones go. We have managed to keep hold of all of our first team players and despite rumours I don’t think any will be sold before the window finishes.

3. Pre-season has seen definite improvement in some key players such as Giroud, Ramsey and Poldolski who all had great performances abroad. The youth players have been fantastic to watch with Zelalem stealing the limelight but Akpom also looks promising.

Even though there are positives the fact is we still haven’t strengthened the squad and we are low in numbers and relying on what’s left of the reserves and youth team to bolster the first team and this is a worrying fact for Arsenal. Wenger needs 4/5 squad players to compete for a title and without that we don’t stand much of a chance if any  and with the transfer window closing on the 2nd of September there is a good chance we won’t see any signings at all.

Every club in the league asides from Man United have made additions to their team and we have signed a free player that has already taken his first visit to the injury room. With no injuries to an already small squad we could just about make it through the season but if the last few seasons have proved anything it is highly unlikely we can avoid injuries because we don’t have enough back-up players for anyone to rest, we already have Arteta, Sagna, Sanogo and Ramsey doubtful for Saturday’s game and that’s a terrible start when there is simply no excuse or reason for it. The fact that we have been so inactive during the transfer window is probably going to end up being Arsenal’s biggest mistake as it will mostly likely lead to a downfall.

The top 5 will be competitive this year and everyone that finished around us in May have strengthened their team and some have even changed manager too. We struggled to make top 4 last season only pipping our rivals down the road to 4th spot and I don’t see that we can pull off a miraculous final 3 months to achieve that same place next year, especially with Spurs making decent signings.

To be honest I can’t predict what this season holds, last season I said we would get 3rd and this year I think we will finish outside of the top 4 but hopefully high enough to get a Europa place. In fact over half of Arsenal fans believe that we will finish lower than 4th on a poll on Arsenal’s website* and that shows just how low our expectations have sunk and a sign of how bad fans are feeling about the situation our club is in.

Gooners are more prepared for this season than we have been any other, we already know that we have a rough ride ahead and no matter how much we dream of being top of the league that just isn’t going to happen this year but going in with this expectation always means there is room for surprise. At worse we have a bad season and slip out of 4th but what will come from it will be good as the club will have to make changes.

We are still great club despite certain philosophies and actions, we still have one of the biggest fan bases in the Premier League and that is what we need to hold to this season. Fans hold more power than ever so have your say if you are unhappy, sign a petition, boycott games and merchandise or attend protests, that is the only way the club will realise that there is a problem.

Our motto is ‘Victory through Harmony’ and despite how messy things might get this season it is so important for us to unite together and support the team, we might not agree with management and we definitely don’t like the current board but the team are the ones that fans need to inject the passion into.