A Frenchman and A South African Walk Into A Bar

It is being reported that Arsene Wenger is to be offered a new contract that is estimated to be worth £15 Million. This is certain to frustrate a section of the Arsenal faithful as they are still restless with all things Wenger. With rumours also circulating that Gazidis’s future at the club is coming to an end. The conspiracy theorist within me would suggest that this is due to tension at board level that has existed for several season now. More than likely born out of Gazidis’s frustration with Wenger refusing to pay the big money to progress the club.


There will no doubt be some of the Arsenal faithful that think that Wenger has changed his focus now with the signing of Mesut Ozil for £42.4 million, there is no doubt that Wenger played an integral part in the capture of Ozil. Ozil is quoted as saying Wenger phoning him and even speaking to him in German was a major factor in his decision as he turned down a late PSG bid for him on deadline day. Although upon reflection I would have to go with the opinion that the deal had all the hallmarks of an Ivan Gazidis deal mirroring the deals that have gone before, Mertesacker, Arteta, Cazorla, Monreal all previous negotiated by Gazidis and also deals that have been integral in Arsenal’s Champions league qualification season after season.


The Clubs Future


The way the ozil deal was done was almost a throwback to the Dein days where Wenger identified a target and then the board took over negotiations and got it done. This surely shows that the club are in great need for a Director of Football even more so now. Wenger has said on many occasions when pushed on this possibility that he would not entertain such a change, but how can this even be his decision? this is a decision for a club Chief Executive to make. Arsenal as a club are at a crossroads, do they stick or twist? it is important to always keep moving as a club and being receptive to change. 


I have for many years defended Wenger’s principals regarding targets and transfer policy especially his stance on youth development but it appears his vision has been clouded by his own legend and his blind perseverance regarding his own legacy. he himself has even said ” The transfer market is a problem for me” only days before the Transfer window came to a close. If Arsene is to get a contract extension this should be shrouded in ultimatum after ultimatum. 


1, You are no longer in charge of Transfer policy at the club there is a Director in Football in place for this. 


2, Your role will now consist of everything that falls within a team coach remit and nothing more.


3, You may identify targets for the club but the decision will be made between the Director of Football and the Club board how they go about this.


These are the three important ultimatums that must be adhered to then the ball is in his court. Wenger’s contract is ticking done and ends in the Summer of 2014. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as it would appear that the Emirates is not big enough for the both of them.


In Summary I would really like to see Wenger stay on in some capacity at the club for all his years of service that he has dedicated to Arsenal Football Club but not in his current role, his role needs to change or he needs to move on. I can see him as a good youth development coach that Is where his best attributes would be put to greater use. There are obviously many names that could take the Management helm which I am sure there will be an article in the near future to identify these but one things for sure change is just around the corner.

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