Arsenal v Aston Villa-It’s a no win situation for Arsene


Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa

It was a cloudy day over Ashburton Grove this weekend but the atmosphere before the game seemed mixed as we went to the supporters club and chatted to a few other fans, despite our concerns over the summer transfer action we were optimistic with a slight edge of nerves. Sadly we were right to be nervous as the Gunners fell apart and lost their first game of the season to Aston Villa.

There were positives about Saturday’s game, I think we played well in the first 30 minutes even after Villa equalised through a Benteke penalty rebound, we started the game well and had control of the possession and passing was definitely improved. Giroud finding the back of the net early in the game was positive, it shows how hard he has been working during the summer and there is noticeable improvement in his play.

The negatives are very clear to anyone, the team are weak and look tired and that shouldn’t be the case on the first game of the season, their stamina should be at its highest and they should be fit and raring to go. Players picked up injuries and there is a clear issue of weakness at the back and Koscielny was sent off as a result of two yellow cards leaving Arsenal further in trouble.

Defence is not the only issue, there is a huge gaping hole where a striker should be and that is in the box. Arsenal are really struggling to get the ball from midfield into the box without interception and this was a huge problem last season too, it could be formation but I think Giroud just lacks that little bit of pace to get there quick enough or if the ball is at his feet Walcott is nowhere to be seen. In the box play needs to be addressed soon, if Wenger isn’t going to buy the players then he at least needs to remedy the errors from last season.

The referee Antony Taylor does have to take responsibility for some poor decisions during the game, I actually thought he was Mike Dean in disguise at one point as he just seemed determined to get his first cards of the season out.

Saturday’s game has left Arsene Wenger under more pressure than ever after it is clear that Arsenal are not prepared for the new season despite having 3 months to be organised. Wenger has taken a huge risk in not buying anyone so far and giving the fans the same old rubbish excuses is just not good enough, he is alienating the very people who he wants to support the team.

What we are about to see now is Wenger’s typical last minute panic buying which he hopes will cover the cracks in the team until May but this year I don’t think even that will be enough. We will end up paying over the odds for players who we don’t need or lower quality than what was available at the beginning of the summer.We play Fenerbahce on Wednesday in a Champion’s League qualifier and if we lose that game that will further affect the quality of players we will be able to bring in by the end of the transfer window and the fans will pile on the pressure.

Wenger is now in a no win situation, if he spends it will now be panic buys and it still won’t be good enough to satisfy the fans, if he sticks to his guns and continues with the team he believes will win the league he will fail as they are not strong enough. Either way Arsene can’t win and I think this is the end of the road for him, the fans have had enough and they are tired of enduring the same old excuses for failure every season, they want change and he isn’t willing to do that so he has to go.

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2 Responses to “Arsenal v Aston Villa-It’s a no win situation for Arsene”

  1. 1 Stephane
    August 19, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Actually right after pre-season preparation, you cannot expect a team to be at its best physically speaking. They’ve been under a lot of work those last weeks to get prepared plus that BS tour in Asia in order to get money we already have. I think it’s a combination between hard work that will lead us to be in good form when other teams will be exhausted later AND unfortunately unneeded fatigue caused by several hours of flight.
    As an example PSG have prepared mostly in Europe (Austria and Sweden) and they’ve draw their two matches so far. They like amazingly tired for a champion, I’d say…
    But they did not brag their arses off in vietname winning over exotic sides. That’s maybe the difference between a draw and a loss at home.
    As for the rest, I agree with you with a lot of things especially when you write he is alienating the very people who he wants to support the team. He turned fans against each other in an ineffable way. It’s amazingly hard to be a gooner lately…

    • August 19, 2013 at 2:19 pm

      I hadn’t considered the fitness suffering as a result of the extensive pre-season training! I think that excuse them a bit for not fully for their stamina on saturday! PSG can also rotate so it’s not too much of an issue for them, we have no back up at the moment! Thank you for commenting, much appreciated.

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