Another Fair Ol’ Mess For Arsene

  Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger (C) is thoughtful during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Aston Villa at Emirates Stadium on August 17, 2013 in London, England

The Aftermath


In the fallout of another shocking, abysmal and disappointing opening day for Arsenal, Wenger has made some interesting quotes that leads me to think he has finally cracked. My favourite quote of the weekend is “Some fans pay money just to moan and destroy players confidence”. Is Le Dictator seriously suggesting the masses at the Emirates pay good money… very good money just to give stick to their own team?, that one is far fetched even for Wenger. Another quote which was from the post match press conference was when Wenger was pushed on transfer policy “Why don’t you buy some players” Wenger responded with “Buy who”?, oh dear please tell me what he is paid £7.5 Million a year for? He seems to come out with these off the cuff comments now and again. He is not fooling anybody with this blatant attempt to divert pressure from himself. Wenger cut a very distraught figure at times last season and I thoroughly expect that to continue throughout this season or until his contract is terminated.




Arsenal travel to Fenerbahce on Wednesday night in which is already being built as a make or break game for Wenger and Arsenal this season. It is unthinkable that Arsenal cannot qualify and Wenger would remain at the helm, especially after all the embarrassing “We got 4th” celebrations at the end of last season, unfortunately this just shows how far the club has fallen.  Having said that Fenerbahce are to have their appeal regarding their ongoing match fixing case looked at just hours before Kick off, so it is not completely out of the realm of possibility that even losing the tie that the Gunners would not be into the Group stages of the the Champions League. This as every Gooner knows would just be another case of papering over the cracks and delaying the inevitable exit. 


Transfer Rumours

There has been an urgent call from Fans and multiple sections of the media today for recruits and with time ticking away there has to be a lot of deals, after the horrendous and catastrophic calamity of letting 27 players in all leave the club and only one player in the shape of another unproven quantity in Yaya Sanogo. It does not take a mathematical genius to work out that  just does NOT cut it. 

There was a bid for Yohan Cabaye this afternoon for a fee of around £10 million are you serious? this is the french International playmaker who Newcastle a mere matter of weeks ago declared their valuation of £20 Million. This bid was dead in the water before it was even made and it was confirmed almost minutes later the Newcastle had rejected this derisory offer. Apart from that there have just been rumoured enquiries which have no real weight at the moment so I won’t waste my time even going in to them.


In Conclusion


The one real lesson that Arsenal need to learn from this is they need to be confident in their business and quick, there are too many rumours of agents offering players and Wenger dithering and having rivals swoop in and take a player from under the clubs gaze. To name a few this season… Higuain, Jovetic, Capoue, Bernard. The club has become an embarrassment to the world of Football, as far as I can see the only way it can regain some credibility is for Wenger to be shown the door he has been a good servant over the years but clearly hasn’t got what it takes anymore, that is the first thing I would do and secondly I would have a director of football to identify and conduct deals and have a much needed to return of the old style Football coach that is how it is working at many successful clubs around Europe and it is about time Arsenal followed the trend. 


Thoughts as always.





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