Funniest Arsenal tweets of the summer

The summer has been a frustrating one for Gooners everywhere as we haven’t added any first team players to our ever dwindling squad but despite all of that people have still managed to find their humour and there have still been some hilarious tweets over the summer, these are 5 of my favourites.


5. When discussing the rumour of Rooney transferring to Arsenal @Blackburngeorge had a great reply.

Old Doris the tea lady will be shitting herself. She might be part of his demands

4. @HighburyHarold comes up with a genius way of doing deals when buying the new Arsenal kit.

Going to The Armoury today for the new shirt? At the till, offer £25. When they refuse, wait 30 seconds then offer £17. #DickLawStyle

3. @OfficialKing12 came up with some impressive chants for our new boy Sanago.

Wake me up Yaya Sanogo we hope your better then the twat from Togo. Sanogo woo Sanogo woo we bought him from Auxerre he’s got no f***ing hair.

2. @SavvyGooner with his never ending wit gives his opinion on Arsenal’s transfer rumour fiasco that has ensued this summer.

So theres Higuain, Rooney and Cesc in a taxi all on their way to a Medical, they add up each others Fees and are convinced it’s April 1st.

1.  Passionate Gooner @markedtaxi expressed the sentiment a lot of the WOB have felt this summer when they were told by AKB’s that Wenger would definitely spend some money.

@markedtaxi: If Arsenal spend big this summer I’m gonna look like a right cunt……but at least ill be a happy one!

Thank you as always for reading and if you have a funny tweet or any saved in your favourites please forward them on to @NikiBerryTPiB or thepitchisback@gmail.com

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