All Cashed up and No-one to buy?

Arsenal players hold a banner reading

Yet another week has passed and still the only addition The club has to show for their “efforts” is a Free transfer for an Injury prone French Under 21 International, Yaya Sanogo who in all honesty should have been a no go. It tells you a lot about a player especially one as young as Sanogo that Ligue 2 club Auxerre didnt even offer him a new deal that lack of persistence on their part speaks volumes.


There have been a few Wenger quotes this week while on a tour of Asia my favourite one is “We are not close to any signings” De ja vu anybody? a lot of the time he is known for trying to keep deals on the quiet until things are officially stamped and approved. This time I believe him, the club has been linked with endless names already this summer, the majority of which It would seem that not even interest was shown.


All the while Arsenal are being linked with everyone and their dog, there are good players available being snapped up by “lesser” clubs. Adil Rami is said to be available for just under £8 million from cash strapped Valencia, which is peanuts for such a good International centre back. Then there is Etienne Capoue who now looks Cardiff bound… that is right Cardiff. Victor Wanyama finalised his move to Southampton last week for £10 million. Maarten Stekelenburg to Fulham for around £3 Million. Where are Arsenal on any of these deals. 


It is so frustrating to see players that would have been worthy additions to the squad not even being bid for. You have to ask yourself what is going on in Wenger’s head? not much it would seem. Unfortunately we know that he has previous for taking youngsters on tours of poor footballing countries, seeing Arsenal bag a hat full of goals and think they can win the league. 


Do not get me wrong I believe that so far Arsenal have had a very productive pre season and the youngsters that I have seen have looked very good indeed, but with 99% of these surely to be farmed out to the glorious Championship where they will more than likely be Benchwarmers the squad will be thinner than your standard LED screen.  If Wenger is not going to buy and buy big at least give them a shot. Zelalem and Akpom have specifically stood out for me on this tour, along with the rejuvenated Rosicky. 


Once again it would appear the writing is on the wall, The club seems to have been caught up with all the media hype surrounded the transfer window, instead of chasing Suarez which is a lost cause in my opinion look at Lewandowski, Fellaini and Gustavo for starters. These are players that there is at least a chance in reached agreements with. I have also seen various reports regarding interest in Konstantinos Mitroglou the Olympiakos Centre forward would be the kind of player I would expect Wenger to be looking at. I have already seen the predictable ” I have not heard of him so he must be s***” to all the people that use this constantly, maybe you should go and get a football education, or at least learn to read so you can do some research. 


That is all for now, I hope I am completley wrong about the clubs Transfer policy but when you have A Manager that can dictate to the Chief executive about how much he is willing to pay for a player you will have very big problems ahead, for all intents and purposes I really hope Gazidis stands his ground and takes it upon himself to make things happen in this window because it does not seem like Wenger will be.



Goonerscribe out.

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