Are Arsenal victims of Their own Philosophy?

In the wake of the Bankrolled sides of European football splashing the cash I have to ask myself was the FFP (Financial Fair Play) league all just a dream, a hoax or something more sinister? Earlier today Manchester City confirmed they have signed Alvaro Negredo with Stevan Joveticsure to follow this would bring their summer spending up to £100 million. Other clubs have also spent excessively such as As Monaco who have only just been promoted to Ligue 1 and have spent a staggering £125 million already on the likes of Radamel Falcao, Joao Moutinho and James Rodrigues as well as others. 


It would appear only a select few clubs are adhering to these rules. last season it was confirmed that Malaga who had relatively small financial irregularities compared to Europe’s elite were sanctioned and banned from competing in the Champions League for the upcoming 2013-14 season. In some quarters this has been seen to be just the tip of the iceberg regarding football’s finances which leaves quite a sour taste in the mouth. 


Arsenal are one of the clubs that had almost religiously chosen keep stringent stock of their finances and not abandon the financial security that they had created for themselves many season ago. It would definitely need to be questioned now if that is the correct course of action as the club is in a state of decline. 


With more and more Sugardaddy playboys looking to own a piece of the Premier League pie it is very easy to just follow suit in the means of survival. Until these rules are firmly implemented this will unfortunately continue. 


There are few teams that would seem to operate a club in the right manor, it is no secret that everyone from Ivan Gazidis to Stewart Robson’s dog knows the club needs to spend big to keep in touching distance of the top four with all of the club’s rivals spending sufficiently to claw their way onto the cash cow that is Champions League Football.


It is a very important Summer as always at the Emirates this could be more important than the previous ones. A big Marquee name is needed to increase the clubs reputation which has been damaged over recent seasons.


FFP is due to meet its inception from next summer but I have heard this one before from FIFA this was meant to have been implemented a few seasons back. As FIFA have a reputation for moving the goalposts to suit their conflicting interests do NOT be surprised to see this delayed once more. Everyone that has the future of the sport in their interests I’m sure would prefer this to be introduced sooner rather than later to keep the spirit of the game pure as it has no doubt been tarnished by certain questionable FIFA and UEFA decisions in the past few years. 


Feedback as always is welcome

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