New Contract for Wenger?

  Manager Arsene Wenger of Arsenal looks on during a training session at London Colney on March 12, 2013 in St Albans, England

It is being reported this morning in the Sunday Mirror that Arsenal have entered into contract negotiations with Arsene Wenger talks are at a very early stage but the initial talks have been described as “positive” I suppose that would depend on your point of view and where you want to see the club in the near future.


It has also been mentioned that no contract will be signed while the club prepares for the upcoming season. This decision to offer Wenger a new three year deal will no doubt be with major financial incentives and is sure to be greeted with very mixed opinions indeed. There are certain fans that will no doubt say that it is imperative that the club keeps hold of Wenger. As with most situations there is a flip side which will no doubt consist of fans that would suggest this couldn’t come at a more important time for the club. With yet another important Summer window and a new season looming you would have to admit there are a lot more pressing issues for the club to be concerned about. 


There still has not been any improvements made to the first team squad, all the while the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool have all made improvements to their respective squads. The cynic within me may suggest that these recent transfer speculations involving the likes of Higuain, Fellaini, Rooney and Suarez to name a few could well be a smokescreen to try and convince the board to renew Wenger’s contract. If there is one thing Wenger is good at it is posturing without much substance behind it.


One thing has always been certain, Wenger does not break his contract he is very loyal to club he serves and has been in the past. But I would hope that any contract would be put on ice at least until after the January transfer window so the club can see where they are and that the club has progressed. 



In summarising many of you that follow my articles would know by now I am not Arsene’s Number one fan but I would not necessarily begrudge him a new deal if he is able to invest in the squad substantially and Arsenal regain some pride and start challenging for trophies again. Unfortunately I have serious doubts that he can fulfill these targets. many fans will no doubt harp back to where the club was before 1996 if this is continually the case then Arsenal F.C  will never be able to move on. Swansea City are a prime example of how change can be positive. They were completely changed by Roberto Martinez then when he moved on he was replaced and this has happened time after time and they have improved year after year I do not see why this would be impossible for Arsenal to do the same.





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