How Can Wenger Heal the Arsenal Divide?


Ask a football fan for their opinion on Arsene Wenger and opinion will be mostly of admiration for a man who has remained at a club for 17 years and guided the team through a massive period of financial transition whilst still delivering Champions League football.

If you ask Arsenal fans on the other hand, opinion is more heavily divided. For some he is a genius, for others, a poison within the club who holds too much power and especially surrounding transfers. @BergkampSpin on twitter described him in one sentence. ‘Pure Genius, makes his side unflappable and stubborn side bearable’ @markedtaxi on the other hand says once was great but tries to be too clever for he’s own good now!’

Either way you look at it there is a huge divide amongst fans and critics alike, the likes of which is becoming more and more evident with each trophy-less season that passes.

The divide within the club could be resolved as early as tomorrow or it could be drawn out for as long as the Club continues to progress without winning a trophy. Whichever way you look at it, there are a majority of fans who could be appeased within the next few weeks and I hasten to add that I would be one of those.

I cannot deny that Wenger has been an outstanding manager for Arsenal, rightly putting himself up there with Herbert Chapman, Bertie Mee and George Graham amongst others. However I cannot think of another club in world football that describes themselves as being a big club which hasn’t won a trophy in 8 years and not changed it’s manager. Some argue continuity is greater than not celebrating success, but success breeds success and then continuity is a greater power within itself.

So how could the fans be appeased? How would some of them get off of Wengers back and start to get behind the club after mumblings of discontent in the middle of last season which saw the infamous ‘In Wenger We Trust’ banner removed from the Emirates?

It’s actually simple, so very simple.

Sign some players with the money we have been told we have, and not just any players, but players who would take us to the next level.

If anybody can explain where Gonzalo Higuain is right now, I’d be delighted. That deal seems to have dragged on longer that John Isner and Nicolas Mahut’s classic match at Wimbledon several years ago. Whilst we as fans sit back and watch Manchester City tie up two transfers in about 4 days each, then watch Carlos Tevez Join Juventus quicker than most of us can care to remember, we as a club are still sitting back on our heels making sure that last month’s bank statement paid us the correct credit interest.

Higuain, Rooney, Torres, El Sharaaway, Fellaini, Williams, Cesar, Begovic, Jovetic and many others have been linked with the in door at the Emirates as the club have willingly thrown others out the exit. I don’t buy people saying that the transfer window hasn’t opened yet so we can’t announce deals. Well City, Chelsea and Liverpool have broken all the rules then haven’t they!

My first ever article on this website called for realism from Arsenal fans. I once again call for Arsenal fans to be realistic, question themselves why these players haven’t joined the club and then ask themselves who is responsible for nobody putting pen to paper as yet. Why if the players have signed hasn’t it been announced? The contracts don’t start until 1st July so why not announce it before then?

Either way, should Arsenal have little or nothing to announce before their pre-season tour of the far east then the question has to be asked as to how these players will gel within the new team that they are representing.

Lets see what happens before the tour shall we?


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