Dithering Wenger Strikes Again.

So it is being reported this morning that Wenger is dithering over wage demands and club valuations yet again. He has allegedly been chasing both Ashley Williams and Marouane Fellaini for weeks now. He does not want to meet Swansea’s £10 million asking price and will only offer £8 million, regarding Fellaini there are mixed reports on the situation but the most believable one is Le Boss does not want to meet the £24 million Everton value the player at and appears to be a million miles away from his £100,000 a week wage demands.

The Ashley Williams situation is truly unbelievable, let me get this right. You are looking for a reliable centre back with proven experience and you are quibbling over £2 million? for a club that has £70 million+ to spend that just is not anywhere near good enough.

The Fellaini situation is quite an interesting one, for weeks it has been reported that Arsenal have met the Minimum Fee clause of £24 million, now its being reported they have NOT bid what is going on? well it appears it is what Gooners have seen before its pointless Wenger posturing and hoping if he stays in there long enough that Everton will budge. We saw the same thing with the Mikel Arteta deal. I do NOT see how this is an adequate way to operate. The club has financial resources how about you put your money where your mouth is Wenger? for all the talk just days after the infamous Gazidis interview where it was claimed ” We can now compete with Bayern Munich” absolutely nothing has happened.

The only real thing that seems to have come out from the club is the FACT that Wenger has far too much control over spending. A normal operation for a club would be for the Manager with the aid of a scouting network to identify targets report these in the form of a dossier for a Manager to run the rule over himself before presenting these targets to the Chief Executive IE Gazidis then it goes from there. It appears that at Arsenal things run differently. I have seen evidence that Gazidis has been the one chasing targets and trying to get things moving. Wenger seems to be the one that is saying a certain player is too expensive, I do not want to pay that much and words to that effect. Is this normal practice for a Manager? I would have to say no not even close.

For many parts of last season the phrase or even chant in some cases was “Ivan Gazidis What the F*** Do You Do? well it appears he liases with our scouting network and tries to bring in a few players. for all his faults he was the reason the club Brought in Mertesacker, Arteta, Cazorla and Monreal. these were not wenger signings these were Gazidis signings. So if you want to attribute finishing in the champions league places for the last two seasons to anyone you might want to think about where you direct your praise.

I do see this season being somewhat a damp squib. Nothing has happened apart from the usual signing of a couple of players for the academy nice to see Wenger has changed his focus!!!. I keep seeing fans and even Arsenal Groups and transfer pages saying The Transfer Window is not open until July 1st. This is no excuse to not enter into negotiations. The transfer window only effects the date of when a player becomes available contractually for a club and nothing else. It does not stop a club from doing business. As soon as people understand that the better for everyone concerned. Also how would you explain Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, Chelsea and AS Monaco doing big business already if this was forbidden?


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