Empty Words and Broken Promises

Arsenal's French manager Arsene Wenger waits for all his players to arrive for a training session at the club's complex in London Colney on March 12, 2013 ahead of the team's last 16 UEFA Champions League football match against Bayern Munich in Germany on March 13

So a week on from Ivan Gazidis’s outlandish comments about the financial stability of Arsenal Football Club what has actually changed? Well Sir Peter Hill-wood has finally stepped down due to Health problems and has been replaced by a family friend Sir Chips Keswick possibly the finest name in football. That appears to be all for now. Murmurings came out of the club over a week ago now suggesting there would be a big signing in 48 hours, all I can think of is this is a misquote and was meant to read sometime in the the next 48 years if someone pulls their finger out of their own pre-verbial backside.  In conjuncture with Gazidis’s comments the club has duly been linked with everyone and their wife with no concrete bids being made.


haven’t we been here before?


It was only one year ago that we had positive messages from the board regarding our financial state of play, signs were actually good initially we signed Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski and then came the exodus of our goals Robin van Persie our top goalscorer sold to a rival which Wenger said would never happen and then Alex song (top assists in the previous season) to what now feels like our feeder club Barcelona F.C. 


It seems that the same message is planned to be roled out every season. “There is money there if Arsene chooses to spend it” then nothing happens and wenger will state “The right quality was not available at the right price”. this has happened for a good 3 or 4 years now.


This is either a lie or our scouting team is the worst in Europe.


I understand it is still early, The European Under 21s tournament is stil going on and the FIFA Confederations cup has just started, But it is no coincidence that the most successful sides will get their transfer business done early. I keep seeing fans claim the transfer window is not open. If that is true then can someone explain to me how Barcelona, Man City, Chelsea and AS Monaco to name a few clubs have already made purchases then? even if the transfer window is closed it does NOT stop clubs from negotiating and getting deals in place the only hinderance in finalising the paperwork. 


Although I have been impressed with what the tabloids have come up with as targets, I am yet to see one reliable source that has any kind of quote from anyone related to Arsenal Football Club. One “news”paper that shall remain nameless printed “Wenger is ready to  break club record for Higuain” not anywhere in this article was there any quotes from Wenger it is all just speculation and most if not all wengerites are falling for it.


Are we to believe the Wenger has dramatically changed his methods and ethos from young player development to becoming another Roberto Mancini? this talk of £70 million plus is all well and good. But anyone with any kind of intelligence will be expecting a catalogue of changes but at a lower price. There will not be any £20 million+ signings in reality they will be at highest £15 million. Wenger has a track record of this he is stubborn and surely not going to suddenly ditch his principals. if Wenger was to spend the whole £70 million (which he won’t) he would much rather buy 10 mediocre players for £7 million each than 3 world class players for £23 million.


In Summarising I am trying to be optimistic about this coming season but I foresee Transfer window dithering from Wenger and Arsenal getting left behind to fight for the scraps just to try and appease the fans.






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