Gazidis…. Friend or Foe?

The last few days have been interesting ones coming out of the Emirates with quite an in depth Gazidis interview with the Mirror’s John Cross many intriguing quotes have circulated regarding Arsenal’s financial situation, future and spending power. The pessimists around the club would suggest this is a ploy for season ticket renewals. But why would Gazidis come out with quotes such as “We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich”. ? It is either very clever or very stupid to unveil your finances to your competitors. It now looks like the club is going to be spending quite sufficiently within the Summer transfer window which is obviously a good thing However, this now gives certain targets the opportunity to take advantage and for the club to be held to ransom on wages and signing on fees etc. After finally ridding our books of overpaid bench warmers and players that just could not cut it there is another chance of the same happening yet again just on a greater scale.

There have been a few names mentioned in recent days (ever since it was made public the desire to make major squad investments.) Gonzalo HiguainMarouane FellainiWayne Rooney to name just a few. The Higuain deal actually seems quite likely to me as there have been some promising direct quotes coming out of his camp. I would be very surprised to see Rooney leave Man United he would probably need some Psychiatric treatment if he was to leave Old Trafford. Only time will tell if this is going to be at long last some important investment in the form of transfers or this is just more smoke and mirrors from a board that keep promising but never deliver.

If it is the latter there is sure to be some calls for the heads of Gazidis and Wenger this would be another indictment of their complete maladministration in the last few years.


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