Arsenal’s Make or Break Final Day

Arsenal's Make or Break Final Day. - FTBpro lineup

The end of the season is nigh I am sure I am not the only Gooner who has suffered from massive bouts of de javu this season. A solid enough looking start but not particularly potent in front of goal. Then came the end of the year defensive calamities that saw the possibility of finishing in mid-table obscurity. Then as last season Wenger seems to be able to just do enough, only time will tell tomorrow if he is good enough to get the job done but it looks 99% complete. Is it enough for him to keep his job? will it be enough to keep his job? it seems it might, although with his future as Arsenal manager in serious question this one could roll on all summer. It seems that it is written in stone that Arsenal must be embroiled in at least one transfer saga every summer. With Man United extending the dominance once again it seems like it has been normal service resumed after last season, with other teams in the top 5 or 6 a certainty to spend this summer it is imperative that Wenger (if he is indeed still there) spends big too and even more so that there is a champions league qualification place for next season at the Emirates like it is not going to be hard enough attracting the names required. With no Champions League football it would be almost impossible.


Szczesny: He has looked very capable indeed since coming back into the starting XI pulling off some very important saves recently he is certain to start at Newcastle. I can only see him improving as a player from next season providing that there is a new challenger to test him because he has looked too comfortable in the squad with no number 2 pushing him for a place.


Sagna: has had a very inconsistent season but still is the most experienced Right back at the club, whether he will be next season remains to be seen as it looks like he will possibly be applying his trade at PSG next season. I do not feel he has quite been right since the death of his brother maybe he needs a break away to pastures new. He has had some very good performances this season but unfortunately they have been very few and far between.

Mertesacker: Per has impressed me all season long, he has definitely become one of the most reliable defenders at the club and has cemented his place in the back four scoring some important goals and even more importantly making some last ditch challenges that could be season changing. 

Koscielny: Kos has been instrumental in the change of form especially for the back four, he is quick, strong and his reading of the game has improved massively. He has built a very good partnership with the aforementioned Mertesacker in recent weeks. I would not be surprised to see Europe’s best clubs come knocking this summer.

Gibbs: It is looking like Kieran could be back in as first choice in Wenger’s plans. Had a very good game on Tuesday night I am sure this is the Nacho Monreal effect, Monreal has been pushing for a start since January with a lot of success. It is no coincidence that this has improved Gibb’s game as he has risen to the challenge. His defensive play has noticeably improved, he has always been good going forward but he now seems to play the percentages a lot more.


Arteta: Mikel has proven to be one of Wenger’s better signings in recent seasons, he has been asked to do a job he is not very familiar with, which is screening the back four and has has done it admirably. In the last few games he has built a very impressive understanding with Aaron Ramsey just adding some much needed protection especially in the away games.

Ramsey: Aaron is one player that has impressed me a lot in the last month, I did wonder if he was ever going to regain his form after his broken leg, but now i am convinced he is good enough to be at the club, he capped off a impressive performance against Wigan on Tuesday night with a very well taken goal. I can only commend him on his work rate, It is no wonder that he won the club’s Player of the month award. I know there are still a lot of supporters that feel the jury is still out on him and obviously prefer Wilshere over Aaron, but until jack regains his fitness I just do not see why you wouldn’t include Ramsey he has showed the type of work ethic Arsenal have been lacking.

Walcott: Theo has hit form at just the right time, he took a while to get going again after his much reported contract wranglings with the club, lets not forget he did also have some niggling injuries and was in and out of the team for a bit. He has scored very important goals of late QPR after just under one minute and a very important goal against Wigan and what now could be a very important point against Man United. 

Cazorla: Santi has possibly been the most underrated player of this premier league season, he has had a very impressive first premier league season, was very unlucky not to make the team of the year in my opinion. He has great vision and deservedly won Man of the Match against Wigan, I am sure he is only going to improve next season and he looks like he has settled very quickly into the English game. he has taken defenses apart this season, long may that continue. 

Chamberlain: I have championed this guy all season and have been so disappointed how often he has not been used. When he plays he has a youthful intelligence that is very rarely seen on the pitch. This lad has a bright future at the club I just hope like many others he is not shunned and looks elsewhere, he seems happy enough at the club at present but Ox needs games and he just is not getting them at the moment. I would love to see him and Theo on either flank. Ox has great pace like Theo but has a lot of upper body strength as well. 


Podolski: Lukas has had a couple of games up top recently and against Wigan looked at home bagging two goals in the process, he had a very good game his link up play was good, he did look a little rusty at times but that is to only be expected and will change with more games. I think Wenger will more than likely recall Giroud, but I would like to see Lukas given enough chance up there to show what he can do.

• • •

This is the team I would start with at Newcastle, I would be very confident that this lineup would get the job done. when there have been absentees like Walcott, Cazorla and even chamberlain there has not been any real speed or directness within the performances and that would be a real concern if that happened tomorrow.

I’m sure I do not have to remind fans this is the most important game in Arsenal’s recent club history could be mnake or break for next season especially with transfer business in the summer anything less than a win just will not do. having said that I am confident they will get the three points required and who knows a Chelsea draw at home to Everton. Arsenal may be sitting pretty in the top three.


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