Nasri hits out at Stan Kroenke

Manchester City's French midfielder Samir Nasri applauds supporters at the dend of the English Premier League football match between Aston Villa and Manchester City at Villa Park in Birmingham, central England, on March 4, 2013. Manchester City won the match 1-0. AFP PHOTO/Paul Ellis

More and more information appears to be leeking out regarding the transfer policy at Arsenal, It has already been made perfectly clear that various players have been sold behind Arsene Wenger‘s back in recent years and contracts for certain players have been deliberately ignored. 


The latest from this saga involving the questionable integrity of the board of directors comes from former player Samir Nasri who has claimed that in 2011 Wenger was forced to sell him to Manchester City by Stan Kroenke. he goes into more details saying that he had heard Stan Kroenke would NOT reject any offer of £20 million for any player at the club. 


Nasri continues a bit further suggesting that the image Arsene Wenger carries of being in sole control of transfers and the club is not working under any financial constraints is false.

It has come to a point where I believe a former player who has said some very choice words about the club over the actual club itself. He also claims that Fabregas was sold for a profit and he indicates they used the “Homesick” story to their advantage. lets not forget the Robin van Persieand Alex Song departures that were also driven by a mass profit agenda. 


So it appears the so called “Silent” Stan Kroenke is very hard nosed and as most people connected with the Gooners first thought he is driven by a profit, financial success and not driven by making a club a sporting success. Will English football clubs never learn?, There are countless American ownerships in the domestic game at the moment, not one seems to be there for sporting reasons. Say what you want about the likes of Roman Abramovich but at least they put their money where their mouth is. They are driven by success and are not really bothered about their spreadsheets.


In summarising my hope along with most Arsenal fans I know would be that Alisher Usmanov is weighing up a takeover bid, the sooner the better. No wonder there is a constant outcry of “We Want Our Arsenal Back” the club has been in decline for years now. There really needs to be a change of direction and definitely overall ownership.



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