Has Wenger Lost His Marbles?


Deadline day was depressing wasn’t it, it normally is for us Gooners anyway but yesterday was disheartening. When I turned Deadline day on in the morning to see Wenger being driven away and the London Colney all shut up for the day, I must admit at that moment I really thought my predictions of no signings was going to be true and if Kieron Gibbs hadn’t got injured on Wednesday night then I have a sneaky suspicion that I might have been right.

I don’t even think the signing of Monreal was enough to convince even the most positive of Arsenal fan’s that we were aiming to get 4th place. It was rumoured that it was another board enforced buy very much like the signings of Arteta and Mertesacker but nonetheless it was a necessary but great signing for Arsenal. We were absolutely desperate for a left-back, Gibbs is brilliant but is injury prone and still needs experience and we all know how rubbish Santos has been lately. I don’t know much about Monreal I have to admit but after listening to a few football people and reading up it sounds like he is a decent player.

As most of you know I lost my belief and respect for Wenger when he sat back and let RVP leave to go United in the summer and as the situation worsens at Arsenal I am wondering how long we can continue with this man in charge? Everything is suffering and the board are not to blame for all of it. Wenger is to blame for a lot.

I am between two theories here, my first is that I am seriously wondering whether Arsene is trying to get sacked. It would make sense, he never leaves before a contract runs out (something that stretches to players now too), his management technique has increasingly worsened over the years as has his choice of players, tactics, substitutions, and transfers. He doesn’t seem happy there since the season of The Invincibles, and I wonder if it is because he achieved so much in a short amount of time that it left him and us as fans with huge expectation and he hasn’t been able to live up to it. How does a man achieve all of that and fail on such epic proportions.

My other theory is that Wenger has really lost his marbles, he been so caught up on the financial planning of the club that he has forgotten that there is a football that is in desperate need of shaping up. I truly think he can’t see that there is anything wrong especially when he makes the statements he has recently such as “this team we have now care more than the likes of Adams and Henry” and ” I believe that this is the strongest team we have ever had”. Those statements are not only insulting to the players from the past but it is insulting to the fans, ex-players and anyone else around who can simply see this is not true.

How can so many of us see it and the minority of fans and Wenger can’t? We have seen Ex-players, pundits, real football people who can see all the issues with Arsenal that need to be sorted. Le Grove had made some very valuable points on this subject also and it is really worth checking out his article today**

Amongst us writers and bloggers we have all had similar opinions over the last few weeks and at the start of the season it wasn’t all that way, in fact we were split on our opinions. More and more people are coming round to the fact that this season is going to be a write off and we face losing out on Champion’s league football and that isn’t because of the board, it is due to Wenger’s choices over the last few months and he has no defense anymore, you can’t go from 49 games unbeaten to 8 years of a dwindling mess without somewhere acknowledging even once that it is his fault.  Stop with the delusions of grandeur Arsene and either leave or man-up and do your job!


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