Top 5 Best Arsenal Signings


Over the years we have seen some amazing talent grace the pitches at Arsenal football club. We have made many a signing and not all of them have been lucky enough to have been successful but there are quite a few who have had great careers at the club. These are the 5 players that I consider are our best signings.

5. Patrick Vieira


Patrick Vieira was Arsene Wenger’s first signing as Arsenal manager and he is definitely one of the best for me. Vieira provided the midfield with that extra strength. His height, stamina and pace made him perfect for English football. As well as playing a big part in Arsenal’s history as captain of ‘The Invincibles’,  Vieira also provided character to that team, he was all heart and passion, even if he did take it too far sometimes. He was sent off many a time and many gooners will never forget the fights he had with Roy Keane.

4. David Seaman


I can remember the day David Seaman signed for Arsenal in 1990, we had been trying to get him for a while and we when eventually got him I was well happy. David Seaman was my favourite goalkeeper ever, nicknamed ‘Safe Hands’ he provided Arsenal with that security in goal, in his first season Arsenal only conceded 18 goals and that form continued throughout most of his career. I will never forget the save he made in his last season in the game against Sheffield united, one of the best saves ever.


3. Dennis Bergkamp


The Iceman was bought by Bruce Rioch in the season before Wenger took over and it was the best thing Rioch ever did in his career. Bergkamp was an outstanding player to have in the team, he may not have scored as many goals as Wrighty or Henry but he created so many chances for both these strikers and had the ability to play alongside anyone. He scored 120 goals in his career for Arsenal and his hat trick against Leicester is still known to be one of the best hat trick’s ever seen. Bergkamp is one of them players that you look at and just know that he has football running through his veins, he can play in any position on the field other than a goalie. He is definitely one of my favourite Arsenal players ever.

2. Thierry Henry


Having more or less started his footballing career with Wenger it was no surprise when Arsene signed Thierry Henry for £11mil in august 99. Then started the career of the man who will always be considered a legend at Arsenal. Thierry Henry was absolutely fantastic for us, he beat Ian Wright’s scoring record of 185 goals and his goal total for his whole career at Arsenal was 226 in 369 appearances. Henry’s style of football was beautiful and he scored some great goals, the best thing about Henry was his ability to score from anywhere. I really hope he ends up back at Arsenal one day as manager.

1. Ian Wright


Ian Wright Wright Wright was my childhood hero, I absolutely adored watching him play. George Graham signed Wrighty in 1991 and he instantly looked like he belonged in that team. With a cheeky glint in his eye Ian wrighty played some of the most passionate and fierce football I had ever seen. They just don’t make strikers like him nowadays.  Slightly smaller than most forwards, he moved really fast on the pitch and managed to manoeuver his way though any defence and his goals were often thunderbolts full of energy. He was an absolutely joy to watch as a fan and there is no denying that Ian Wright loved Arsenal, he played with so much passion and heart and he will always be remembered for that. He is definitely my best ever signing.

Who would be your top 5? Feel free to comment below

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