I Got The Arsenal Blues

Arsenal's Olivier Giroud

I am sitting here on a snowy Monday with the worst case of Arsenal depression I’ve had in a long time. I think this season is slowly starting to overtake the disaster season of 94/95 in which we finished 12th. I’m sorry to chuck numbers at you on a Monday and depressing ones at that but no matter which way we look at it this morning we are closer to Qpr in points than we are Man United, we are 22 points off the top and we are 7 points behind the Spuds. We have won just 41% of our games this season, lost 27% and drew 32%. We are in 6th place and have the same amount of points as Liverpool and West Brom. We have fallen further than I ever thought we would.

Yesterday’s game showed how weak we have become, there are only 2 or 3 players in our team that are putting their all into every game. The only positive I can take from this game is that in the second half we played so much better, and each week we are seeing glimpses of how it is supposed to be but it’s not enough consistency to win a game. There needs to be a huge improvement, a change in tactics and the team need some morale building exercises.

The January transfer window is looking even more likely like it is going to be a quiet one. Myself and SavvyGooner predicted that Wenger wouldn’t sign anyone in January and I’m gutted that looks like we’re going to be right. Of course there are the rumours flying around from certain ‘ITK’s’ but nothing concrete is announced from the club as of yet.

Wenger of course as usual has his two quotes which he uses ‘I won’t be buying because the team is strong enough’ and ‘of course we will buy but only exceptional players’. The trouble is his confusion techniques are only seen as humourous when we are competing for the league but when we are in the state we are currently I would be expecting Monsieur Wenger to be handling himself in a more appropriate manner and addressing the fans with an answer to why things are this bad and what he will do to build confidence up with the fans again.

The hardest thing to deal with about this current season is getting excited about games only for us to lose, draw and underperform, I don’t want to have to get used to Arsenal losing, I don’t want to get to the point where you kind of expect to lose and that is starting to sink in a little with me. Whatever is going on at the club and whoever is responsible I implore that you sort it out before it goes too far.

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