Time For An Overhaul


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As the days tick by in this transfer window I become more and more disillusioned with this club and their so-called Transfer Policy. with comments from our “Demigod” Arsene Wenger his latest waffle of genius is that the problem he has been having in identifying players that would strengthen our squad is that his squad is already very strong, he reiterates once more that this squad of players are among the best he has ever worked with. He has definitely succumb to his own world of fiction. Lets face it how many of our squad would get into a top four starting 11? Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla definitely,Thomas Vermaelen (maybe) now I’m running out of names. most of our squad we have only “managed” to hold onto because well who else would be interested in them. Their needs to be a big change at our club I know of many Gooners that think the same as me.

Our club is crying out for a new brain at the helm at board level. I give Alisher Usmanov first and foremost he is a Gooner which is the most important thing we haven’t had a real fan at board level since Lady Bracewell Smith, David Dein and the late Danny Fiszman. The club has been in dramatic decline ever since. Secondly his investment he is estimated to be worth around $17.3 Billion. He has already indicated his desire to buy the club outright and has been at pains to say he is hurt at how the board have shunned him when he has approached them to offer them help financially even when he had ideas of financing the stadium he was ignored which we now know is because of his good relationship he has with David Dein, accompany that with Hill-wood and his hatred for the aforementioned Dein then we see the problem.

As I have mentioned in previous articles I have no time for Wenger now. He and the board have contributed to the dramatic decline of the club I have loved for over 20 years. We need a massive change at every level the sooner the better.

Feedback is always welcome.


2 Responses to “Time For An Overhaul”

  1. January 16, 2013 at 8:32 am

    They have ruined a club I enjoy and supported since a kid, they should be sent out to topple govts they have done such a top job of toppling the Arsenal.. bunch of wankers … greed greed greed !

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