Arsenal v Man City Match Report


Following my normal format I am going to start with the positives from yesterday’s game at the Emirates. Despite the game not quite going to plan I think Arsenal actually played better yesterday than we have in a few weeks. We didn’t play fantastically because there was the obvious pressure of Koscielny’s red card but we actually slightly improved under that pressure. There were parts of that game where we dominated really well and they were the moments were you could see that somewhere under all of the pressure and chaos there is still our style of football there.

The defence didn’t start the game well but when Koscielny got sent off they were forced to defend better and they did pretty well throughout the game. We still obviously need vast improvement there but considering we were down to ten men and only conceded two goals is not bad, we have had more players and conceded more goals this season in other games. Mertesacker might lack pace but he is such a good blocker and he showed that yesterday in the 2nd half, he really did strengthen up our back line and made a great effort yesterday.

The Koscielny decision has been discussed and disagreed on lots after the game. For me it was a clear-cut foul and so therefore it was a penalty because Kos tugged Dzeko down preventing him to score. The only thing that is slightly debatable is the red card. I don’t think the foul was harsh enough to warrant a red card but let’s face it that’s Mike Dean for you. But I will say Koscielny really has to reign in his stupidity, he is often sent off and I think that has earned him a bad reputation with the ref’s.

I feel like a broken record writing this again but we are just not moving forward enough, our midfield seems weak and we are just not getting enough shots or passes into the box for the strikers. There is leniency for yesterday’s game after Oxlade-Chamberlain was subbed for Mertesacker therefore leaving us exposed on the wing but every week this is an issue and Wenger needs to change the tactics. Diaby was a bit shaky on his feet but it was his first game in a while so that was expected. Wenger really needs to start utilising Rosicky otherwise there is no point to having him.

So considering we were down to ten men we actually survived that game pretty well but we are nowhere near improving as much as we should be.

So we have Chelski next week, let’s try again for the win! COYG


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