Arsenal V Swansea F.A Cup Match Report

Michu, Swansea v Arsenal

As usual I will start with the positives from today’s game however they won’t be Arsenal related. Swansea had a fantastic game against Arsenal today, their passing was very neatly linked and consistent, they took possession of the ball well and control throughout midfield was fantastic. They completely ripped Arsenal’s defence apart on many occasions throughout the game, and took advantage of the huge gaps left by out of position players. I have a huge envy that Michu is at Swansea, he is a phenomenal player, the way he moves with the ball is brilliant to watch. The moment he came on the pitch I knew he would score. Danny Graham and Ashley Williams both played brilliantly today also. Kudos to Swansea because they played a brilliant game today and could have won that easily.

Now for Arsenal, the only single positive that I can take from this game is that we didn’t lose. It seems like every single week there is not even a handful of good things I can say anymore but yet I’m still expected to write the positives. The one consistent positive from this season so far is the Arsenal fans at the games, hats off to you guys that go along to every game and sing your hearts out even when there isn’t anything to sing about, I’m well proud of you guys.

Before today’s game I was nervous, really nervous for Arsenal, Swansea are starting to become a bit of a bogey team for us. I was happier with the formation before the game as I think 4-2-3-1 works so much better than 4-3-3 but actually today just proved that we aren’t very good in either. I am going to sound like a broken record but Wenger putting Ramsey on the wing again was pointless, we all know he can’t play there, he doesn’t have the pace or the control to be in that position let alone the ability to create passes or goals for the strikers, he also just doesn’t get forward enough. He wasn’t the biggest issue though, the whole team once again, there is no consistency within our play, we can barely string ten passes together let alone play the beautiful football we were once capable off. We didn’t mark well today and played out of position a lot- Note to Wenger-If you want to play total football then the players need to learn to cover each other when they move out of position.

Every week it seems to be getting more painful for Arsenal fans to watch a game, we are all wondering how much longer we can go on like this? I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 23 years and this season has been the most frustrating and upsetting to watch. Our team that we have spent years putting all of our energy into supporting are struggling and falling apart before our eyes and we can all see where it is going wrong. We have to unite together as fans and believe that one day soon our faith alone will get us playing well again.

2 Responses to “Arsenal V Swansea F.A Cup Match Report”

  1. January 7, 2013 at 5:16 am

    Awesome blog as usual,have not seen the game yet as played golf yesterday,I think I will just delete and save myself the frustration. Wenger is like the idiot boxer who was a champion ,and now keeps coming out of retirement to prove he still has “it”,sorry Arsene ,you lost “it” 7 yrs ago ….. RETIRE !

    • January 7, 2013 at 9:56 am

      Aww Thanks very much Shaun. I absolutely agree with you, having Wenger as boss is more tiring and up and down than George Graham as boss. Wenger is losing a lot of respect and soon his history will mean nothing to us as fans. The mman is so stubborn and refuses to change something that isn’t working!

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