Boring Boring Arsenal


So here we are in a brand new year and still we seem to be reliving an everlasting groundhog day at Arsenal. I don’t really understand what the hell is going on? How can you win a game 7-3 and play some of the ‘best’ football we’ve seen all season and then we come out and play as lacklustre and boring as we are in every other game before that and draw 1-1. For anyone who says “well it’s still a point” no it isn’t! It was an own goal, we played rubbish the whole way through that game. When you have ten outfield players and Szczesny is man of the match then what more can you say? Not taking anything away from Szczesny, he fully deserved it. We shouldn’t be this inconsistent, we have seen just mere flashes of the brilliance this team can achieve this season and we know they can do it so why aren’t they?

When you look at the team we have in their entirety they really aren’t that bad and really shouldn’t be struggling this much. We do need a few players to boost the squad up a little but this team should not be playing as bad as they are. There seems to be a lack of unity, morale, determination and heart. I don’t also think I’m alone in noticing there seems to be a bit of a divide in the team. If the player’s aren’t even getting on behind the scenes then how on earth do they ever expect to win anything on the pitch.

We are 20 games in and only have 34 points from a possible 60, that’s just over half. We all know this is Wenger’s worst ever start but it’s also Arsenal’s worst in 30 years. How much longer can we go on with this inconsistency? We are dropping valuable points in almost every game and something needs to change. Last night’s game was dreadful, the players looked more hungover than I felt. The passing was so inconsistent and sloppy, there wasn’t enough attempts to go forward and we lacked any attack and finish. Defensively we look so poor, there was zero ball control and Sagna completely was to blame for that first goal. How he is getting games over Jenkinson amazes me.

When Arsenal played Newcastle last week  in the 4-5-1 formation, we played better, not the best game but we actually saw progress and a spark of life so I really don’t understand why Wenger changed it back to the ever-failing 4-3-3 this week. His tactics and substitutions were debatable too. Wenger could buy anyone this transfer window and it won’t make a difference, it is Wenger himself that is the problem. We need a complete overhaul at Arsenal; we need new management and a full new coaching team, new scouting team, new board, new players and that is the only way we are going to get anywhere. Those that still want Wenger to stay then prepare yourselves for a rough ride.

2 Responses to “Boring Boring Arsenal”

  1. 1 bloggerinred
    January 3, 2013 at 12:40 am

    Sagna’s ‘clearance’ for the first goal was absolutely shocking. He strolled back into the team as soon as he recovered from injury when Jenkinson was playing really well… Personally I don’t think his performances have been up to scratch (he seems to have lost any ability to cross the ball) and Karl should have kept his place.

    • January 3, 2013 at 9:37 am

      Thank you so much for your comment, I absolutely agree with you. I can’t believe Sagna just walked back into the team over Jenkinson. Jenkinson was our best defender for the first 3/4 games. Sagna should have been a sub for a few games at least. I’ve always liked Sagna but in my opinion leg break twice in the same spot is a hard thing to come back from. Jenkinson will hopefully get his shot. I really do n ot know what he was doing with that cross?!

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