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We will always be grateful to Arsene Wenger for what he has achieved at Arsenal. He has provided us with some beautiful history and given us moments we will never forget. None of us are denying Arsene has moments of being pure genius for us but in the last 8 years we have seen a big change and we as fans are fed up.

This has been an awful season to watch unveil and it is heartbreaking to see our club sink so low. Whilst we all blame the board for a lot of it there are just some things that Arsene Wenger has to take the blame for.

Arsene has made poor tactical decisions, team choices, and substitutions, we rarely see him animated and on the sidelines shouting like he used to, his after-match reports and press conferences leave a lot to be desired. His complete disregard for fans is disgusting, we are tired of hearing Wenger’s Word of the Week explanations and his silly quotes that indicate clearly his lack of ambition. He couldn’t convince RVP that he had enough ambition thus our best player walked away from Arsenal following a few others.

We at GIA have tried to delay organising this petition for as long as possible for many reasons. Despite none of us thinking that he would, we were hoping he would spend to boost our squad a little bit so we could at least compete for a Champion’s League place this season.

But today that has become very obvious that Arsene no longer holds the winning ambition that he once had and what Arsenal need now. He has refused to spend money and he stubbornly won’t change his tactics, he refuses to acknowledge that there is even an issue. Fans are even fighting amongst themselves online and even physically at games, this situation is dividing us and ruining the normal unity we all have. We believe that the time has finally come for us to petition Arsenal FC to remove Arsene Wenger from the Manager position and appoint a replacement. We want Wenger gone, we want the club to take some responsibility and make us soar up rather than sink down, we want Wenger OUT.

To join us in our Wenger Out movement Please sign this petition and forward on to Gooner’s everywhere. Let’s get as many signatures so we can present this to the club.

Thank you to all who sign

Gunners In Arms


All Quiet on the Arsene Front

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As the clock ticks down to the end of this January transfer window one thing seems increasingly clear. It will be yet another quiet one for us.

Arsene Wenger has been dodging bullets for several weeks now at various press conferences today’s was no exception. He has distanced himself from David Villa, Mohammed Diame, Younes Belhanda. this coming after he flatly denied that we were “in” for Wilfried Zaha although weeks prior to this he said we were very interested. Maybe he wasn’t willing to loan him back. It has got to the point as a Gooner that I no longer believe a word of what comes out of his mouth. I am now making a promise to myself not to be gazumped by these transfer rumours. We have been linked with everyone and their Gran since the window opened.

The main thing that has riled me with Wenger recently is his constant delusion on our squad strength. he has said that Arsenal fans shouldn’t expect any miraculous deals to be done in this window. Sounds to me like he has firmly shut his chequebook locked it in a safe wrapped several chains around it, padlocked and dumped it in the ocean. another one of his genius lines was that he thinks we have 2 players for every position. is he delirious? don’t know what he has been dipping into his croissant lately but I could do with some of that. We are easily short of 3-4 good players. Our squad is down to its bare bones. For him to even suggest that there were/are not suitable players to bolster our squad for a decent price is just lunacy. I have listed a few below.

1, Lewis Holtby to Tottenham on a free could have bought him for probably around £5 million.

2, Yann M’Vila sold for a mere £9.6 Million to Ruben Kazan the sort of player we are crying out for.

3, Moussa Sissoko on the verge of a move to Newcastle would have been another decent acquisition

4, Wilfried Zaha £15 million which is nothing these days considering we have god knows how much just locked away under lock and key.

5 Hatem Ben Arfa, looks like his days are numbered at Newcastle would fit into our front 3 perfectly.

6 Adrian Lopez, Tricky Attacking Midfielder/ Forward available at around £10-£15 Million

7 Wesley Sneijder I don’t believe I have to tell anyone about this guy he would have added a hell of a lot of class to our attack.

They are just a few players that have been bought or are looking for moves. I just don’t think he was ever going be in the market for anybody, Whenever he was pushed on targets he would clam up and completely distance himself. I don’t expect any signings whatsoever another disappointing Window.

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Top 5 Arsenal Youth Team Legends

When I was compiling my top 5 signings article I realised that not only have Arsenal bought some great players over the years but we have also had some amazing footballers that have come up through the flanks. These players were all at Arsenal as young boys and grew up to be men-Arsenal men. These are the 5 players that I believe are the best our youth team has ever produced.

5. David Rocastle


‘Rocky’ Rocastle was signed up to Arsenal’s youth team as a schoolboy in 1983 and he made his way up through the ranks and made his first team debut in 1985. Rocastle was a brilliant midfielder, I only caught a couple of years of his time at Arsenal as I was quite young, but the season in which he stood out and become one of my favourite players was the 88/89 season. The season we won the league, he played every game and he was brilliant to watch, he was just so fast and had immense control and dribbling skills. He spent ten years at Arsenal and he is definitely one of the best players in our history, a true Arsenal man through and through.

4. Michael Thomas


Ah who can forget this Arsenal legend, good old Mickey Thomas signed up to Arsenal as a schoolboy in 1982 and made his first team debut in 84. Thomas is famous for that 88th minute goal against Liverpool that won us the league in 89. He was so much more than that though he was able to play in midfield but more than often not he would feature as a right-back-and one who scored. He was the player that ran his little heart out on the pitch, he would make these awesome runs, he would surge forward and score goals that no-one was expecting. I adored watching him play and he was my favourite player.

3. Paul Merson


I always loved Paul Merson and I still do. I know people might have issues with him being here due to his addictions and despite them he still turned up every weekend and played football and that’s love. Paul Merson joined Arsenal as a schoolboy in 1984 and made his full debut in 86, he played an impressive amount of games in his career at Arsenal, 423 appearances and 99 goals. He was that out-and-out midfielder that just fed the ball to the strikers with ease and he was always an integral part of the Arsenal team. Wenger sold Merson in 97, the fans were in shock, we all still wanted him at Arsenal. Merson was Arsenal through and through, he had passion and heart and will always be remembered as one of the greats.

2. Jack Wilshere

Kiss the Badge, Jack

Now I know he is a little young to be on this list but I think he deserves a place here on potential alone, Jack Wilshere is the Gunner of today, that lad has Arsenal blood throughout his body and I truly believe he will be an Arsenal player for many years to come. You can see how much Wilshere adores playing for Arsenal by just the passion he puts into every game. Wilshere joined Arsenal as a young 9-year-old and made his first team debut in 08, and in those short 4 years he has already shown huge potential as becoming one of the best midfielders in the country and he just gets better every week. He has incredible technique and he is great in defending and attacking in midfield, he also plays tough football, like the lads did years ago and that gives him the edge.  I think he is a legend in the making.

1. Tony Adams


What a legend this man is and will always remain for any Arsenal fan, he is the man we absolutely adore and I bet we would all agree our team could do with him right now. Tony Adams is still to this day one of the best defenders I have ever seen, part of the ‘Famous Four’ defence at Arsenal Adams provided the team with some absolutely amazing blocks and clearances over the years, as well as adapting the offside trap tactic formulated by George Graham. Adams was class above the rest when it came to defending, he learned that art through and through and staying at Arsenal for the whole 22 years of his career only solidified the impact he had. I still think Tony Adams is the best defender Arsenal have ever had, in fact I don’t think we have even had one defender that matches the quality of Adams. Tony Adams absolutely loved Arsenal and still does, there are many Tony adams quotes and these are my favourites:

“Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they will remember the name on the back”

“Fergie said I was a Manchester United player in the wrong shirt, I said he was an Arsenal manager in the wrong blazer”

This is my favourite quote of all time- ” I will sign every contract Arsenal put in front of me without reading it”


Top 5 Best Arsenal Signings


Over the years we have seen some amazing talent grace the pitches at Arsenal football club. We have made many a signing and not all of them have been lucky enough to have been successful but there are quite a few who have had great careers at the club. These are the 5 players that I consider are our best signings.

5. Patrick Vieira


Patrick Vieira was Arsene Wenger’s first signing as Arsenal manager and he is definitely one of the best for me. Vieira provided the midfield with that extra strength. His height, stamina and pace made him perfect for English football. As well as playing a big part in Arsenal’s history as captain of ‘The Invincibles’,  Vieira also provided character to that team, he was all heart and passion, even if he did take it too far sometimes. He was sent off many a time and many gooners will never forget the fights he had with Roy Keane.

4. David Seaman


I can remember the day David Seaman signed for Arsenal in 1990, we had been trying to get him for a while and we when eventually got him I was well happy. David Seaman was my favourite goalkeeper ever, nicknamed ‘Safe Hands’ he provided Arsenal with that security in goal, in his first season Arsenal only conceded 18 goals and that form continued throughout most of his career. I will never forget the save he made in his last season in the game against Sheffield united, one of the best saves ever.

3. Dennis Bergkamp


The Iceman was bought by Bruce Rioch in the season before Wenger took over and it was the best thing Rioch ever did in his career. Bergkamp was an outstanding player to have in the team, he may not have scored as many goals as Wrighty or Henry but he created so many chances for both these strikers and had the ability to play alongside anyone. He scored 120 goals in his career for Arsenal and his hat trick against Leicester is still known to be one of the best hat trick’s ever seen. Bergkamp is one of them players that you look at and just know that he has football running through his veins, he can play in any position on the field other than a goalie. He is definitely one of my favourite Arsenal players ever.

2. Thierry Henry


Having more or less started his footballing career with Wenger it was no surprise when Arsene signed Thierry Henry for £11mil in august 99. Then started the career of the man who will always be considered a legend at Arsenal. Thierry Henry was absolutely fantastic for us, he beat Ian Wright’s scoring record of 185 goals and his goal total for his whole career at Arsenal was 226 in 369 appearances. Henry’s style of football was beautiful and he scored some great goals, the best thing about Henry was his ability to score from anywhere. I really hope he ends up back at Arsenal one day as manager.

1. Ian Wright


Ian Wright Wright Wright was my childhood hero, I absolutely adored watching him play. George Graham signed Wrighty in 1991 and he instantly looked like he belonged in that team. With a cheeky glint in his eye Ian wrighty played some of the most passionate and fierce football I had ever seen. They just don’t make strikers like him nowadays.  Slightly smaller than most forwards, he moved really fast on the pitch and managed to manoeuver his way though any defence and his goals were often thunderbolts full of energy. He was an absolutely joy to watch as a fan and there is no denying that Ian Wright loved Arsenal, he played with so much passion and heart and he will always be remembered for that. He is definitely my best ever signing.

Who would be your top 5? Feel free to comment below

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I Got The Arsenal Blues

Arsenal's Olivier Giroud

I am sitting here on a snowy Monday with the worst case of Arsenal depression I’ve had in a long time. I think this season is slowly starting to overtake the disaster season of 94/95 in which we finished 12th. I’m sorry to chuck numbers at you on a Monday and depressing ones at that but no matter which way we look at it this morning we are closer to Qpr in points than we are Man United, we are 22 points off the top and we are 7 points behind the Spuds. We have won just 41% of our games this season, lost 27% and drew 32%. We are in 6th place and have the same amount of points as Liverpool and West Brom. We have fallen further than I ever thought we would.

Yesterday’s game showed how weak we have become, there are only 2 or 3 players in our team that are putting their all into every game. The only positive I can take from this game is that in the second half we played so much better, and each week we are seeing glimpses of how it is supposed to be but it’s not enough consistency to win a game. There needs to be a huge improvement, a change in tactics and the team need some morale building exercises.

The January transfer window is looking even more likely like it is going to be a quiet one. Myself and SavvyGooner predicted that Wenger wouldn’t sign anyone in January and I’m gutted that looks like we’re going to be right. Of course there are the rumours flying around from certain ‘ITK’s’ but nothing concrete is announced from the club as of yet.

Wenger of course as usual has his two quotes which he uses ‘I won’t be buying because the team is strong enough’ and ‘of course we will buy but only exceptional players’. The trouble is his confusion techniques are only seen as humourous when we are competing for the league but when we are in the state we are currently I would be expecting Monsieur Wenger to be handling himself in a more appropriate manner and addressing the fans with an answer to why things are this bad and what he will do to build confidence up with the fans again.

The hardest thing to deal with about this current season is getting excited about games only for us to lose, draw and underperform, I don’t want to have to get used to Arsenal losing, I don’t want to get to the point where you kind of expect to lose and that is starting to sink in a little with me. Whatever is going on at the club and whoever is responsible I implore that you sort it out before it goes too far.

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Theo Signs & Transfer Speculation

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So after months of mixed reports and endless varied speculation. Theo Walcott as finally committed to an additional 3 and half years, putting pen to a £100,000 a week contract. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come from our board. Is this a statement of intent with more investment to follow? Or more likely is this just a little bit of business to appease the fans with the predictable “its like signing a new player” conference. unfortunately that’s what I can see. 

However, in light of various Board members and management quoted as saying things like we are ready to spend “big” and its time to loosen the purse strings. i would encourage an approach for the out of favour Kaka who is reportedly on the verge of being released by Real Madrid.

Another name that wont seem to go away is West Ham’s box to box midfielder Mohammed Diame. He has a minimum Fee release clause of £3.5 million which would be a bargain, The only problem for me on this is he seems to have very week knees. Maybe with such a low transfer fee he would be a risk worth taking as when he can string a few games together he can be dynamic. We would obviously be in danger of signing Abou Diaby #2. 

If the board are serious about strengthening the squad in this window. They need to be looking at Sven Bender he is a brilliant holding midfield player. definitely one of the best in Europe at the moment. Although he would cost around £15 million. I would suggest Moussa Sissoko of whom I am a very big fan but he looks like he is on his way to Newcastle if reports are to be believed. 

There is also the ever improving talent that is Etienne Capoue of Toulouse rumours are that Everton are chasing the Defensive Midfielder for around £10 million he would fit in perfectly to the way we play.

I’m not sure what has happened to this Arda Turan deal, It was reported months ago that a deal was close by media Al Jazeera but It seems like this one might be dead in the water. maybe this is in conjunction with the Theo deal being confirmed?.

The latest of Wilfried Zaha is we are monitoring the situation which probably means we are resigned to losing out to Man Utd. unfortunately it seems we wont  be able to match the financial package they are putting together. If we are to get him we need to move quick. This deal could go on and on til deadline day.

lastly I would like to take the time to share my opinion on this apparent Edinson Cavani interest. I’m sure every Gooner would agree with me when I say he is a Centre Forward of exceptional talent and creativity with an extremely impressive goals record, But would we be able to afford the £30 Million price tag, followed by im sure some excessive wage demands and additional bonuses. When Arsene Wenger claims to be interested you can rest assured it won’t happen. He has always been very coy about being interested in other clubs players. Unfortunately this is a massive non starter. Over the past few January transfer windows there have been multiple phantom bids, the most familiar was the last minute Mario Gotze bid of £30 million. think the Edinson Cavani one is just another one for the pile.

Feedback is always welcome.




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Time For An Overhaul


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As the days tick by in this transfer window I become more and more disillusioned with this club and their so-called Transfer Policy. with comments from our “Demigod” Arsene Wenger his latest waffle of genius is that the problem he has been having in identifying players that would strengthen our squad is that his squad is already very strong, he reiterates once more that this squad of players are among the best he has ever worked with. He has definitely succumb to his own world of fiction. Lets face it how many of our squad would get into a top four starting 11? Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla definitely,Thomas Vermaelen (maybe) now I’m running out of names. most of our squad we have only “managed” to hold onto because well who else would be interested in them. Their needs to be a big change at our club I know of many Gooners that think the same as me.

Our club is crying out for a new brain at the helm at board level. I give Alisher Usmanov first and foremost he is a Gooner which is the most important thing we haven’t had a real fan at board level since Lady Bracewell Smith, David Dein and the late Danny Fiszman. The club has been in dramatic decline ever since. Secondly his investment he is estimated to be worth around $17.3 Billion. He has already indicated his desire to buy the club outright and has been at pains to say he is hurt at how the board have shunned him when he has approached them to offer them help financially even when he had ideas of financing the stadium he was ignored which we now know is because of his good relationship he has with David Dein, accompany that with Hill-wood and his hatred for the aforementioned Dein then we see the problem.

As I have mentioned in previous articles I have no time for Wenger now. He and the board have contributed to the dramatic decline of the club I have loved for over 20 years. We need a massive change at every level the sooner the better.

Feedback is always welcome.