Wenger Out Protest


So as you all know we have been planning a Wenger out movement for a while. All of us at Gunners in Arms share the same views on Arsene Wenger. We do not dislike the man, we have never met him personally and we are sure that he is a lovely chap but this down to football and football only and on that basis he has to go.

We don’t deny that Wenger had a few good years with Arsenal and managed to achieve some amazing records with amazing players but we have gone from 49 games unbeaten in the league to 7 seasons (possibly 8) without any achievements. How does that happen to a club like Arsenal? and how can people still support him?  We are also playing the worst football we have ever played and everyone but Wenger can see whats wrong with the football! We are playing 2007 tactics with 2012 cut price players. Wenger has let the team down by allowing his best players to leave and he is letting the fans down by persisting with the players he thinks are good but really aren’t.

We have decided to organise a protest to get Wenger out. The protest will be for the end of the season but we will consider bringing it forward. We are in the process or organising a date with the Local authorities and police and we will have a certain date for you by the end of this week hopefully.

If you are interested in joining us on the protest or simply giving us your opinion, please email us at gunnersinarms@gmail.com

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