Arsenal v West Brom-The Positives And The Negatives


As usual I am going to start with the positives and there is one big positive this week…WE WON! The win at the weekend was just what Arsenal needed, it only takes the pressure off slightly but it helps nonetheless.

The game itself was a much better one than we have seen from Arsenal of late. The passing was more consistent and the players seemed to have more awareness of where everyone was on the pitch. We really looked strong in midfield and Wilshere worked so hard throughout that game always linking with Arteta and Cazorla. The defense also have improved this week, we dealt with chances well although there were a few issues that still need to be worked on. Overall I think the game was a pretty good one, we held our own in parts of that game.

Now we go on to the negatives and my main issue from Saturday’s game was the striker situation. You all know by now how much I dislike Gervinho as a player, I’ve never seen the hype from him at all, he is just tactically rubbish on the pitch and has the poorest finish i have seen for a while. We can all see how rubbish he is, the pundits can see it, other footballers can see it, so why can’t Le Prof? He just has 2 minute flashes of awesome and then you go back to the Gervinho that belongs in a lower league. He was awful on Saturday but to be honest the others weren’t great either.

We have a real issue with strikers at the moment, they are just not moving forward enough, it amazes me when you see them running like mad to where they should already be. If Wenger’s playing them out of position then he needs to change that. I’ve always thought 4-4-2 would be the best formation for Arsenal, we did 49 games unbeaten in a 4-4-2 and if we brought a solid DM it would work so well.

The other issue is a hard one to hear so I’m just going to say it…We miss Van Persie. I thought I’d get lynched when I said this on twitter but actually everyone was quite fine with it and some even agreed. I hate to say it but we really do, we miss that out-and-out striker, the one person that is always in the box and can finish a goal with class and ease and pick up passes and run with them, we miss his goals, they kept us afloat last year and they are what is keeping Man United 6 points clear of the league now. We need a player like him or equal to his talent.

I know we have the makings of good strikers in Podolski and Giroud but I don’t ever think they will compare with Van Persie. They will probably equal his goal total between them by the end of the season but they won’t ever beat it themselves. I think if Wenger actually buys Huntelaar then he could possibly achieve it but only if other areas of the team are strengthened to back him up.

I can’t obviously miss out the Cazorla incident…yes he dived, yes the penalty was unfair but in all honesty we spend time taking the p*** out of Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez we can’t sit around defending him. He dived let’s all just get over it. The second penalty was slightly less debatable but all the same they were two goals that won us the game. My only criticism here is that Wenger really needs to address to goal situation.

It was great not to be depressed Saturday night for a change! Bradford this week COYG!





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