Gunners in Arms Attend BSM March


On a cold Saturday afternoon we attended the Arsenal Black Scarf Movement protest march before the Swansea game. 2000 Arsenal supporters gathered at the Cannon’s pub in Blackstock road and marched up past Highbury to the Emirates and stopped on the roundabout in Armoury Square. Gunners in Arms chose to attend this protest because we believe in the cause wholehearted and we wanted to have our say.

I went along as the representative of our group and met up with BSM members @daveworthoAFC @BlackScarfAFC and @GAFC11 before the march and discussed the situation at Arsenal with them and others. It was very clear on the day that there was no animosity, it was all gooners that had been fans for years getting together and discussing the issues listed on their website. The Black Scarf movement are a group entirely dedicated in looking after Arsenal fans and this was clear with the passion they expressing when discussing the protest.

The march was a peaceful one of singing and chanting our Arsenal songs and I took the chance to film some of the march so you can see what went on. The videos are below. The march may not have been addressed by the board but it gave Arsenal fans a chance to have their say on the actions of the board and this is important. Fans are the people who you have to satisfy sometimes…not all the time but sometimes there is a need for a club to at least listen to what we want and I am hoping Arsenal did that on Saturday.

To find out more about The Arsenal Black Scarf Movement please read their website*especially before you criticise the attendance of fans. I have noticed that when I was criticised myself for going that a lot of people don’t actually realise what the protest was about so read and get informed at www.wherehasourarsenalgone.co.uk

You can find all our video coverage on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/GunnersinArms

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