Arsenal v Olympiakos-No it Wasn’t Just a Game


Today I have been shocked to see some Arsenal fans saying last night was just a game and because we didn’t need a result from the game that it is fine to lose. I don’t understand the reasoning, how can any football fan think that? I am never going to be that kind of fan. EVERY game is important! Do you think Sir Fergie or the Special One sit there at the beginning of any game and say “don’t worry we don’t need to win this one”. I don’t want to sit and watch 90 minutes of Arsenal play for them to lose and I just can’t get my head round a fan watching 90 minutes of football and then shrug off a loss as not important, why bother watching or supporting? Where’s the passion and anticipation?

As you might have guessed, the majority of these fans do actually belong in the Wengerite group, so I think the only conclusion is that in their vain attempt to support their king they have forgotten that there is a club to support too. After last night’s loss and the game we will probably lose on Saturday, I will find it very hard to hear why anyone is still behind Wenger as an Arsenal fan. 10 wins in 22 games is a terrible record and there is no defending that at all, not even with all that wonderful history you use for every argument or how Wenger doesn’t have any money which is my favourite excuse because he wouldn’t spend it anyway.

I do have to say that the first half of last night’s game wasn’t all bad…better than some of the first halves I have seen from the main team so far this season. The young lads coped ok and actually held it together pretty well. Our defence once again look shocking, I thought Steve Bould would be making a difference to that area of the team but we aren’t seeing any improvement really. Vermaelen really seems to have bowed to the pressure of captain and I think it has taken focus out of his defending. Meade however looks fantastic, can’t we stick him in the first team yet? He looks promising for the future though.

So we face West Brom on Saturday and who know’s what that game holds? It’s a MUST-WIN game for Arsenal at all costs, we need a good run of results and hopefully that fixture will be a good place to start.

2 Responses to “Arsenal v Olympiakos-No it Wasn’t Just a Game”

  1. 1 Percy Sugden
    December 5, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    like I pointed out as a spurs fan I never came across such a disregard for a top tournament, its 1 thing saying “but we’ve already qualified” but its another thing when you could’ve earnt a much easier tie in the ko stages, just sayin xxx

    • December 6, 2012 at 8:24 am

      Percy I absolutely agree with you, in the state we are now we should be clinging tio every result with boht hands, but we’re not. I though it was a disgusting way of handling that game/situation. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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