Arsenal v Swansea Match report


Well what do you say about a day like Saturday? It was eventful to say the least. I’m tired of ripping the team apart tactically because actually we are failing on the same things every week and I’m bored of it so there is no tactical talk from me, plus you all saw the game so I am sure you don’t want to be reminded. There are also no positives about the team this week because I failed to find any…any at all.

On Saturday prior to the game I attended the BSM march with the Black Scarf Crew. We gathered together at the Cannons, interacted with each other and then marched along singing songs and had our say. It was inspiring to see so many people turn up and also how many people joined along the way. I know there are a few people who are of the opinion that it shouldn’t have happened I implore you to read the details of why the march happened before making that comment because it was specifically for the fans. It was great to see that despite what we were protesting about everyone discussing Arsenal in a good light. After the protest gather in Armoury square where we met with other fans who either joined in or watched.

I boycotted Saturday’s game after the walk and I went to watch it with a few other fans in the local pub and we could not believe what we were watching. That whole game was a complete and utter mess and showed up every single flaw we have within the team. We suck and that’s the bitter truth, not one person in our team had a good game, when that final whistle blew and those 11 men in red just looked completely downhearted, downtrodden and lost and I felt for them, I really did, because in that moment I think they truly felt everything we felt.

Steve Bould apparently shouted at the players in the dressing room after the game and gave them a good talking too which I think is a great thing, they need someone to do that. I question why Wenger didn’t do that himself? Has the main man forgotten that he is the one in control and he should be shouting at all of them and he should have shouted way before Saturday’s game.

How many more games can Arsenal afford to lose? We are not even at the halfway point yet and we are sitting in 10th place with all our rivals above us. Wenger can go out in January and buy 3 £6million players and I don’t think it would make the slightest bit of difference we are lacking tactically and players are doing rubbish, this is all Wenger’s choice and I don’t trust that he’ll make the right choice in January either. How can you let it get this bad at a club before something is done?

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