Gunners in Arms: Fan Opinion

The Gunners in Arms team have started to collect various opinions from fellow Gooners that want to have your say. Today we bring you our first opinion which was submitted by the admin of the Facebook group Arsene Wenger needs to get sacked.

Hi, I am the admin of Facebook page Arsene Wenger needs to get sacked. I am a passionate fan like any die-hard Arsenal fan. I have been a fan since 1997, ie, my 7th grade. I love this football club, it’s in my heart. I have followed it very closely for a while and what is going on for the past 7-8 years at the club has been nothing but shambolic. The manager, the board and the CEO including the new owner are fooling the common fan. Its been a facade and a bloody charade if you ask me and I will tell you why.

We go on harping about sound business model, prudent spending need  and all this crap. We are fed lies that if we spend 30-40 mil on a player, we will go bankrupt or go down like Leeds. All of this is nonsense. nobody is saying we go tits up and spend like Man city or Chelsea. We should at least invest the money we get from player sales, like others do. We don’t do that do we? we have 150 mil in hard cash, uncommitted funds in the bank. why not invest that on players that we need.

We are fed stupid lies about the wage structure. In this day and age, why will big name players come to Arsenal when we don’t pay the market rate. I will tell you why! We spunk the cash we have on ordinary players like Chamakh, Denilson, Bendtner, Mannone, Fabianski, Diaby(crock) Ramsey, Squallaci, and host of others. We are not even able to sell them precisely because the other teams who want to buy them can’t afford them. So they sit on the bench warming them and then go on collecting their wages until it ends like Almunia. where is the business sense in that? So we are stopped from making big signings and give them the wage they deserve because we can’t afford them since the cash is tied paying the wages of other crap players, all this with the highest ticket prices in the world.

I can go on, there are many problem areas in Wenger’s tactics as well. tell me whether you liked what I have to say.

Please like the FB group Arsene Wenger needs to get sacked.

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