Know your next manager… part 1


With Arsene Wenger’s odds of being the next man out of his job cut from 40/1 to 16/1 and then 10/1 after the Swansea debacle, I thought it appropriate with more fans following my calls for Wenger to go to start looking at the men who could take over in the event of Wenger leaving.

Having sat in the dark for 6 years saying Wenger needs to go to allow us to move forward I now feel justified and vindicated when people told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. Just saying…

So should Wenger ‘review’ his own position as he’s said he will and he decides he has run us as far down as he can, or if the board get the balls to make the decision to relieve Wenger of his duties, who will we look to? Who will be the next man to take over and train the team to hopefully return us to our trophy winning ways from all those years ago?

Over the next week I will look at several credible names that could be given the chance to turn Arsenal back into the force we once were. I’m going to start tonight with a man that very few people would have heard of.

Dragan Stojkovic.

Who the ____* is he *(insert your own choice of descriptive / expletive) many will say but do not by any stretch be surprised if this man is in the dug out come Wengers last days.

Stojkovic is a man already well-known to a current member of the Arsenal set up. Wenger himself. Wenger has even stated several years ago to the Arsenal board that he believes Dragan should take over from him when his time has come to an end.

So what do we know about Dragan? What background does he have to fill us with confidence… Well er… Brace yourselves.

The Serbian was regarded as one of the best players to have ever come out of the former Yugoslavia, before as many managers appear to nowadays, suffer from injuries which curtailed his potentially star-studded career.

Part of the Red Star Belgrade team he was awarded the coveted Star Of The Red Star award for his talents. Some of his colleagues at Red Star went on to careers with AC Milan, Real Madrid and were considered less talented than Dragan himself. He also holds a Champions League title to his name and was named in Olympic Marseilles team of the last 110 years.

Having been President of his own FA (controversially none the less) he has also seen how things operate at a board level at Red Star Belgrade.

Recently more-so, he has been manager of a team in the J-League where he was once a player at Grampus Eight under the management of a man he admires immensely. A certain Arsene Wenger. His most recent success’ come in the J-League in 2010, Winning the J-League Manager of the season and also guiding his team to the Division 1 title. Remind you of similarities to anybody we took on in 1996?

So there we have it. The first name in the hat for the job which at this moment in time, very few would envy anybody taking over. His odds of 14/1 aren’t the best but don’t be surprised if you put money on him to see yourself getting a return.

Tomorrow I look at another manager who has the potential to change Arsenal’s philosophy and make them into title winners if he follows his way.

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