I have just witnessed possibly the worst display from an  Arsenal side ever, well maybe in my lifetime anyway.  No desire, no real passion creativity was at zero. but I think worst of all was the tactically inept Wenger yet again. He resembles nothing short of a wounded animal that just is begging to be put out of his misery.  Our worst start since 94-95 when we finished 12th.  There are many Wenger supporters at the club. I dare you to defend him after the team he put out today.  To say we started off slow would be an understatement we created absolutely nothing in the first half, completely outplayed and over-run in every single department. could and probably should have been down by a couple at Half time. somehow we were all square.

First 10 minutes of the second half we looked like we improved although it was more to do with 10 headless chickens putting pressure on Swansea around pitch more than any type of cohesion or craft. that quite quickly evaporated and it reverted to type as it was in the first half and add defensive mistakes. Michu rapped up a quite comprehensive win for Swansea 0-2.
If I hear one more “Expert/Pundit” say its down to the players I will scream. So are these the same players that our “Saviour” or “Messiah” for a better word put his faith in and declared are good enough to win the title back in August. the same players that consistently under perform and were also drafted in or bought by Wenger.
The buck stops with the Manager it always has and it always will and to a certain extent it always should.
I would love to know when he is going to ditch this 4-3-3 mutation he plays. IT DOESN’T WORK its plain to see. I would go 4-1-3-2. we just don’t have enough upfront to pose teams any problems. I am incredibly bored with him thinking Mikel Arteta is good enough to screen the back four. I would have to go one more and say he isn’t good enough at all. its the same names that put in a shift. Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla were our best players today. our back four was at sea for most of the 90 minutes, wojciech szczesny did his best to keep it down to 0-2. he was beat by 2 one on ones so I cant attach any blame there. its been said many times this season there is no cohesion. that’s what happens when you sell half your squad every summer and have to panic buy to replace them. and it was the same old same old. No service equals no goals. But starting Gervinho through the middle why does he persist with this tactic that is set up to fail. He is too stubborn or maybe arrogant to change his way of thinking. If I was on the board I would be asking him to step aside maybe make him a board member now or tell him to just go. There comes a point when a Manager has taken a club as far as he can and it is past that time. since we won the FA Cup in 2005 we have gone a step back every season. It seems every season he has is worse than before. he makes the same mistakes on the pitch tactically or in the Transfer Market. We have to be the most patient club in the Premier league. If he was at any other big club he would have been shown the door ages ago.
I will finish by throwing in my enemy Ivan Gazidis he was quoted earlier this week saying “We will be in a financial position to challenge Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City”. if that’s the case which it evidently is not, or we surely would be. put your money where your mouth is, because The club I love is dwindling towards an abyss. the longer things stay the same the further we will fall. even a blind man could see that.
Feedback Welcome as always.

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