The Positive Arsenal Article


I thought I would try to write something more positive for you all to read as my articles of late have been critical about Wenger and the board. The only thing I could think of is to take a look at the players. How the new ones have coped and how the settled players have changed.

My first player is Per Mertesacker. I was one of his biggest critics last year mainly due to his pace but Mertesacker has been fantastic this season. He has really improved and earned his place as a starter for the team. Whilst I still agree he is not the fastest defender he has more than made up for that this season by staying bit further back during the game and blocking those chances and making important tackles. He works so well with Jenkinson and we haven’t conceded many goals from their side of defense.

Jack Wilshere has also gone straight back into playing really well. It always amazes me how strong he makes our midfield. It’s always a worry that when a player comes back from an long-term injury they might not get back to full potential but I don’t see this issue with Wilshere. He is so fast and versatile, despite going a bit hard on tackles at least he makes them and more than often not wins them. He challenges the opposition and moves through them with ease. I’m so glad to have him back in midfield, it certainly fills me with more confidence when he’s in the team.

I always thought that Olivier Giroud would come good. He’s not the best striker ever but he has talent and that is starting to show now. Once Giroud scored his first few goals his confidence improved and you can see that in his football. The best thing about Giroud is that up in the air he is what we have been missing from a striker for years. We’ve always had strikers with beautfiul feet but we needed the striker who could take on aerial challenges and that is what Giroud does best. He has also cleared most of the oppositions free kicks off the line in the last 6 games which helps when our defence is falling apart. Once he improves his finishing a little he will have been a worthwhile investment.

Santi Cazorla is the one player that Wenger bought since 2006 that has been worth every penny and more. He is phenomenal and just plays like he has been at Arsenal for years. He is just so skillful and fast at the same time, the fact that he can play with both feet is the very reason he copes so well with our style of play and he takes advantage of situations where other players are limited. He changes his direction quickly whilst maintaining control of the ball. If our team had better form and better players Santi Cazorla would only thrive even more.

Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment below but don’t abuse me or each other please 🙂

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