Arsenal Fans:United We Stand and United We Fall


The situation at Arsenal at the moment isn’t the best it could be. We as fans are ALL frustrated and this is becoming quite clear in the heated debates we are having across social networks. Over the last few weeks these have become increasingly more noticeable and I myself have contributed to them. I got into a few debates this week which involved a few people on twitter and after pondering on the opinions exchanged and the manner in which some were exchanged (myself included) I realised how divided we are all becoming as fans.

It seems the one thing all fans seem to agree on is the board at Arsenal are the biggest problem. They don’t tell the truth, they are not honest about the money situation and their obsession with finance and turning Arsenal into a corporation has had a detrimental effect on the club, football team, players and fans. The Arsenal Black Scarf Movement* have organised a protest walk on Saturday before the Swansea game which will give us the opportunity to have our say.

Where we are all dividing is Arsene Wenger. Some of us want him gone and some of us want him to stay. I personally think his time is up with us. I can’t see that Wenger will take us any further and my reasons are probably the same as everyone else of the Wenger out thinking.

The fans that are still in support of Le Boss mostly talk about the history that he has provided at Arsenal. I think ALL Arsenal fans will be eternally grateful to Wenger for those years of history and we will always respect him for it. He achieved success in ways other people failed and 49 games unbeaten will be the achievement that I will never forget. But right now this history is fading fast and the fact is Wenger hasn’t been that manager in 5 years at least, others would say 8. Another thing Wengerites are saying is that we would be lost without Arsene, that could be true but how do we know until we try? Wengerouts would argue that actually we could get a new manager and improve. The facts are that Wenger has not won anything in the last 8 years and if we get to the end of the season and fail to qualify for Champion’s League then what are we holding out for? If you employ a manager on history how can you keep a manager on nothing for 8 years. What other club would put up with this?

Before anyone says this is about trophies it isn’t…well not for me anyway. I miss the football we used to play, I miss going to the games and seeing 11 players on that pitch playing their hearts out. We have seen glimpses over the last couple of seasons in games against Tottenham, Ac Milan and Chelsea but it has been a long time since we have watched a run of consistent games where we win or even play to win. I miss seeing the players laugh and joke around with each other. I miss being competitive with the top teams and the games in which two teams would fight it out tooth and nail instead of games being one-sided against us. Of course i miss the winning and I’m fully entitled to, we went from 49 games unbeaten to 8 years without winning anything. How does that happen?

Wenger’s tactics are nowhere near as good as they used to be, he was once responsible for some of the most beautiful football played at Arsenal. Recently his team choices, formations, substitutions and his coaching ability in terms of getting the best out of players has all come into question. A lot of teams have spent their last few seasons studying the way other teams play and I’m sure Arsenal have done the same.

Where other teams are modernising and changing their tactics and improving every season, Wenger is persisting with the same old tactics which were fine a few years ago when we had players like Song, Cesc, Van Persie, Nasri and on form Arsharvin but We don’t have any of the same players so therefore it only makes sense that we should change things around to build with the players we have now.

Whilst I don’t believe that Wenger is responsible for the selling  Cesc, Van Persie, Nasri etc I do believe that he is responsible for the re-investing. Nobody can deny the standard of players dropped after David Dein left the club but that’s been discussed too many times. Wenger has made some good choices, Cazorla was definitely one of them as was Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chamberlain. I didn’t mention Arteta because he was a board inforced buy. We know Wenger doesn’t like to spend and I am not of the notion that chucking money at a team is the best thing but I do believe that if we sell a player that money should go solely towards a replacement of the same standard or better. That has not happened and that’s why the standard of our team has dropped. This is something both Wenger and the board are responsible for.

Being a top 4 club for years is impressive and very hard to keep hold of especially in today’s game when teams and improving all the time. I think Arsenal have done great to achieve this but this season that looks like it is fading away. Without Champion’s league football where do we go from there? Players will leave, we will fail to attract players of a decent standard and I can’t help but see that Wenger is partly to blame for this. If we fall out of the top 4 at the end of the season is it still a wise choice to continue this way? By the time FFP comes in we might not even have a team to succeed with.

I would like to conclude this article by saying that despite all our heated debates and opposing opinions at the heart of it we all want the same thing and that is the best for Arsenal. We all clearly have such deep love and passion for our club…so much that we would debate for hours over what is right or wrong. I chose the picture above because of the quote ” WE may fight, WE may argue, WE may disagree on many things, but whichever side of the spectrum WE stand, WE will always be standing shoulder to shoulder to cheer those 11 men in Red and White with a cannon on their chest” it reminded me that we should all unite at this time instead of dividing.

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