It’s Time to Step Up And Be Counted

After a more than dis-satisfying performance away at Aston Villa on Saturday evening. I am hoping for a lot more against Everton and to get anything out of this we are going to need to show a lot more. Goodison Park is a tough place to go at the best of times and with us out of form I can see this being a tight affair indeed.

I would like to see Sagna recalled in at right back to combat the ever dangerous Leighton Baines (who we should have snapped up a couple of summers ago). would definitely stick with koscielny and Mertesacker at centre back also keep Gibbs in on the left I feel he gives us something more going forward and looks a lot better defensively this season. now our Midfield 3 which was the major concern at the weekend and has been for a while now. going to be controversial here and say I would Start Coquelin and just get him to sit, Everton have good movement in midfield and we will need that protection. then would go with Wilshere and obviously Cazorla who has to play he is our spark whenever he performs we perform. front 3 picks itself at the moment with Walcott having more shoulder problems will more than likely be the same front 3 we played against Villa. Podolski and Oxlade-chamberlain on the wings with Olivier Giroud up front. he is going to need a lot of good service.

I would give some serious thought to changing our formation but as there is little time to implement the changes properly would have to say keeping the current system is likely to be the best course of action for this game.

In the last 5 Previous meetings at Goodison Park we are unbeaten with 4 wins and a draw. last seasons game was incredibly tight and cagey with just the one goal from TV5 who I would say is unlikely to feature tomorrow.

I am hoping for a much better display on Wednesday night from our boys. they need to take a good long look at their performances from Saturday evening they have a lot to prove to the fans. we need to see some heart and desire. which was seriously lacking at Villa Park.

All feedback welcome as always

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