Another Slow January Window & Wenger’s Endless Contradictions

Arsene Wenger has yet again incurred the wrath of many Gooners with his comments this week leading up to Wednesdays game at Goodison Park he has insisted he WONT be pushed into panic buying in January. he is apparently concentrating on and I quote “doing his job properly” I have grown tired of the demeanour he has adopted regarding this January transfer window. we really need another window like we had last season if I’m perfectly honest. we need another Goalkeeper although I rate Szczesny we still need competition for places and no other Goalkeeper we have will challenge him at the club, Left back cover for Gibbs word is we were in the hunt for Jetro Willems but that trail seems to have run cold surprise surprise. a holding Midfielder is a must we need a destroyer in there someone who knows his job, will put his foot in and has some real presence. Bringing in another Striker is paramount to our situation, also with African Nations coming up we will no doubt lose Gervinho although I use the word lose very lightly we will be down on numbers and how can we refuse to ignore the Huntelaar situation, This guy is perfect for us and more importantly he wants to join us and at around £6 million that is nothing for someone of his talents these days. Although I am now hearing Representatives from Schalke have said they understand we don’t have the money are you serious?

I never know what to make of Arsene Wenger’s comments these days he is either playing it coy over possible targets or he is so blinded by his stubborn ignorance maybe even arrogance to think this squad is any where near good enough. the money is there we have £40 million left from the summer and also not forgetting the £150 million emirates deal I really fail to see his problem. He preaches that we only spend what we make well we have made substantial profits every year for as long as I can remember and we are still languishing. our net spending is one of the lowest in the Premier league if not the lowest he really can’t use that excuse anymore its got tired and boring much like our average January transfer window.
Comments coming out of the Emirates today have sent me even more fuming towards our “Leaders” at the club, it appears that Wenger unsurprisingly has decided to side with his employers by suggesting that he won’t be paying attention to criticism from a minority of angry fans. This is the man that demands respect from us. His ignorance is second to none he goes on to say that he deserves respect for everything he has done in the past 16 years. well we haven’t won a trophy for half of that. It has been less of a fall more of a rapid plummet from grace.
It has become very clear indeed that the powers that be could not care about one single fan, this is what happens when you have a club run by money men and not football men. The only way they will take note if we boycott home games and hit them where it hurts in Gazidis’s Broadsheets.
That being said I will always support our boys whenever they put on the shirt and tonight is no exception. COYG

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