An Arsenal Fans Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I don’t think it’s too much to ask being an Arsenal fan. We comply with financial rules before they’re even brought into play. We don’t have a wealthy owner and we always try our hardest to support the players of our passionate club but some things appear to require help from an outside source.

Ah who am I kidding? Even Santa couldn’t fix our team by bloody Christmas.

I am actually stumped as to what is going on. Fresh from beating Spurs 5-2 again, we looked a team without desire, without passion and without a clue at Villa Park on Saturday. It baffles me entirely. So I thought maybe it is me being disgruntled with Wenger, till I watched the press conference after the game and saw Wenger in the style of Peter Hill-Wood saying he has no reason to explain his operation and style of substitutions on Saturday.

Er actually Arsene. We spend money which plays for your over-inflated Salary. So yeah you do owe us some explanation.

The papers seem to be bored. Linking us with Stewart Downing. If that comes true Wenger truly has lost it.

So here is what I think we should do in the January window. Lets be honest we need to sign somebody to rescue the season that is rapdily falling away from us.

1) Jan Klass Huntelaar: Just give them the money they want for him, rumoured to be £6m and get him in. If we miss out on this guy, we are going to be laughed at, he has said he is interested in us and we have every reason to be interested in him. A quality player, absolute quality. Needs to be brought to us instead of losing him to Liverpool or Spurs.

2) Theo Walcott: For god sake just get him to sign. Give him £100k a week now, I actually don’t care. He’s played through the middle a couple of times and he’s shown he can do it. Just give him the necessary and start playing a two up top system to incorporate him.

3) For gods sake ship out the cack. Chamakh should be given more opportunity after his brace against Reading and Arshavin seems to find his groove now and then. But lets get rid of Santos, lets ship out Squallaci, lets get rid of the players who are costing us wages and not doing anything for us. We need to re-build with quality.

4) Stewart Downing: DON’T DO IT ARSENE

So simple steps need to be taken. We need to get rid of 4-3-3 or whatever it is Wenger wants to play as it doens’t work. Stop persisiting with dour players and start getting quality in now we have signed a huge deal with Emirates and Addidas for the kit.

But lets face it fellor Arsenal and football fans in general, we all know what Arsene will spend in January.


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