Arsenal v Villa Match Report…What is Wenger hanging around for?

As you may have noticed from the last few match reports I have been trying to start with the positives, but the only positive I have from the game at Villa Park is the away fans. You guys were amazing, throughout that whole game I heard nothing but noise from them, most of it was positive chants encouraging the team on, we were loud and clear to hear. There were negative chants of “You don’t know what you’re doing” but they were fully deserved. I can honestly say that if I had paid and travelled to watch that Arsenal game yesterday I would have been shouting my ass off in complaint of the travesty that yesterday’s game was. I commend you away fans, for being positive when there was nothing to be positive about. Us fans possess more spirit and tenacity then the team we support at the moment.

Yesterday’s game was awful, just awful. We lacked everywhere and we also looked like a team that was falling apart at the seams. Everywhere Gooners seem to be chucking out the phrase “we won the last two games” as a consolation…Is that really how bad it has got at Arsenal? The truth is that yes it is that bad. We didn’t win those last two games with outstanding performances, we didn’t win on one-two perfect football, great tactics and team spirit we won those games with a one-man advantage and uninspiring performance in which we were lucky.

In a week where Di Matteo was sacked for two trophies and a 57% win rate we are clutching on to a manager who has 38% win rate. It just doesn’t make sense. Wenger has gone mad I think, whilst everyone around him, fans, pundits, other footballers can all see that we are not tactically modernising to play in today’s game.

We failed completely to do any one-two passing consistently enough in Saturday’s game, it was the sloppiest passing I had ever seen. Villa completely outplayed us, they moved through our midfield with ease and they dominated huge parts of the game. The defence was the only thing that saved us yesterday, they were great. Really couldn’t pick them apart. One thing I have noticed week in and week out is the failure to get far enough into the box, Podolski and Giroud rarely seem to get there quick enough.

Wenger’s substitutions are really questionable of late, well let’s be honest his whole management style should be questioned but yesterday’s subs were just stupid. Arshavin the one season wonder and Gervinho the 2-game wonder? What the hell were you thinking Wenger? Why on earth he persists with Ramsey I do not know? I actually questioned whether he was in a relationship with him last week. Ramsey’s passing and tackling is poor, I thought it was temporary but it’s not. Loan him to Swansea/Sunderland(not Stoke) for a season and see how he goes.

Any true Gooner watching that game yesterday cannot sit here this morning and be wholly satisfied and confident that Wenger is the manager that will win us anything in the future. You can’t seriously look at that crap and believe that this is the board…This is Wenger, he had money to spend and a choice of players, he is the one that is putting the team out every week, he is the guy that is making bad subs in the 70th minutes. It is just delusions of grandeur from Arsene and the club. It’s time for him to step down now, leave with a bit of self-respect intact and with the knowledge that he did good once and made history.

~Do you agree?

Please feel free to comment but if you do please have the respect to read to the end and construct your comments in a non-abusive way!

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4 Responses to “Arsenal v Villa Match Report…What is Wenger hanging around for?”

  1. 1 Wutezi
    November 26, 2012 at 9:01 am

    Jeez that’s all you advocating about: “it’s not the board, it’s wenger”? I think you need to focus on tactics and players rather than on him. Let’s face it: AW will never get sacked, not even if the team finishes in 15th place (whether u like it or not) and here’s why:
    the board is mainly budget oriented (euphemism for tightfisted) and AW build a team that is somewhat working with so little money!
    Of course Di Matteo should have been sacked (to me much earlier). Their team has spent more money than City, they have with Hazard, Mata and Oscar the most refine midfield technically in the league, the guy couldn’t get along with the board, and their gameplay is not what you would expect. To me it is as if Ancelotti would be confirmed this year after finishing for example 3rd in French League where PSG has spent most money than City, Zenit and Chelsea. Nonsense!
    This article is quite good despite its poor finishing on AW. I’d just say that when you have two wins in a row with such little first-eleven potential players, it is obvious that a draw is not that a nightmare to get afterwards for your 3rd game in 8 days. Only the match at Everton will tell you if it was a good draw or a bad draw.
    “They passed through our midfield”, yes! but instead of Wilshere, Diaby (or Song who f****** left!) we played with Ramsey and Coquelin. What did you expect?

    • November 26, 2012 at 9:25 am

      You made very good points but do you not realise that it’s ARSENE himself that makes these choices, he picks the team, it’s his tactics, his team choices, he plays the players out of position and as far as I’m concerned he is the one that hasn’t bought enough quality players for us not to be having thse problems. I am focusing on the tactics and they were dreadful and theose tactical choices were made by your hero.

      How can you give Arsene Wenger 8 years without a trophy but then say that Di Matteo should have been sacked sooner after what he has achieved in the last 8 months. He done more in them 8 months than Wenger has done in 8 years. Seriously are you that much of a wenger fan that you can’t see his faults!

  2. 3 Wutezi
    November 26, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Abramovitch did in 8 years more than Wenger okay. Not Di Matteo! that guy was a stereotyped Italian catenaccio lover that did not make it to put on a good side with the millions that has been put on his table at the end of last season.
    In other words, give Hazard, Oscar, Azpi and even that german sub.. hum what was his name..Marin, to Arsene and he can manage to go higher than 4th place at midseason, that’s okay you can fire him!

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