Arsenal Sign Kit Contract With Adidas

It was reported yesterday that Arsenal have signed a deal with Adidas worth £25mil. Apparently we are doubling our yearly revenue in this new deal and Adidas have worked hard to get this contract off their bitter rivals Nike, after stating that they want to go back to ‘owning London’. Arsenal had a brief contract with Adidas in the 90’s which produced the following shirts:

Everyone remembers this kit, It was the 92-93 away kit. It is probably one that has stayed most prominent in our minds. For me this was the worst kit Arsenal ever had, I didn’t really like wearing it being a 11 year old girl at the time. It was a dreadful design. The Black zig-zags across the shirt were awful and pointless, it made the shirt look like a bad mexican poncho design.

This was the 91 home shirt and it was definitely one of the better designs from Adidas. I quite liked it but obviously the biggest error with this shirt in my opinion was the colour of the stripes. Always thought away colours should be kept on away shirts.

I couldn’t find the pictures of the green goalkeeper shirts but they were both pretty awful too. Whilst Adidas have modernised their designs I really wonder how different they are going to make our kits. There was already huge fuss from fans over the changes on our home shirts and complete new colour scheme of our away shirts. I actually really loved the changes to our kits this year, I think Nike done a really good job with keeping our traditional red home kit and purple assassin promotion was excellent. After spending years with Nike it is going to be odd to go back with Adidas. This is of course a great financial deal for Arsenal who are set to make more money than the contract with Nike.

I managed to find a couple of mock ups of what future shirts might look like-These are NOT the real thing.


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