Arsenal v Tottenham Match Report

I was really nervous before Saturday’s game, it was the most nervous that I had been before a game for a while. I was entirely sure that we were going to achieve a win from the game despite having all the Gooner optimism in the world, a fair few of my gooner pals shared this feeling. But once it kicked off them nerves went and I knew it was going to be a great game.

As usual this week I am going to start with the positive’s from the game. The main and very important positive is that we bloody won. Them 3 points were not only of value in the league but they were the points that led to a huge sigh of relief from fans, players and probably Arsene himself. It has broken a bad run of results and hopefully it will have sparked us into better form.

The other positives were that we actually played better Saturday. I know we had a one man advantage but our passing was a lot better and accurate. We weren’t conceding the ball to our opposition a lot. Our biggest strengths at the moment are the midfield. Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere are very in sync with each other and they look solid and strong. Moving Vermaelen out and keeping Koscielny and Mertesacker in central positions also helped this weekend, it also saved us from using Santos so early in. I hate to say it because I like Sagna but for me Jenkinson has been so much better this season.

Giroud and Podolski are really starting to fit into the team and create more scoring chances for themselves. Seeing both the new boys on the scoresheet was fantastic. I have to especially commend how good Giroud is at aerial challenges, he scored with a beautiful header at the weekend and he was also very good at deflecting the Spurs free kick. Podolski looks stronger when he is further forward like he was Saturday, when he is slightly behind Giroud I think he finds it hard to get into the box. Great game for the strikers though.

It’s great that we won on Saturday and I really am overjoyed, but the thing that concerns me is that we haven’t actually improved at all in the 9 months since we last played Spurs.  As much victory as we can take from Saturday’s game, the boss needs to really take a look at his team here and decide what to change. In 9 months Chelsea, West Brom and Everton have all improved enough to be above us in the league and we are still sitting where we were this time last year. Whilst Saturday’s game showed a big improvement there are still gaping weaknesses within the team. There is still a sense of nerves and panic when we get the ball, we only seem to cope better under pressure i.e when the other team have scored or when we’re trying to get back the lead we conceded. Adebawhore’s sending of was fortunate for us, I’m not sure the game would have been 5-2 with him on the pitch and that is a worrying thought.

It was around this time last year our season kicked into gear and we started winning games and I am hoping this win against Tottenham injects some confidence into the team. As my mate SavvyGooner pointed out the other day and I have always agreed with this fully, we only really ended up 3rd last year because other teams fell apart. We can’t go that way this season because unfortunately those teams have pull themselves together and are above. If we don’t continue to win games and hang onto leads then we are going to be finishing outside the top 4 this season.

If you fancy a giggle check out this video of Adebayor’s chilly reception from the Gunners

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