Top 5 Signings Wenger Should Have Made

Over the Wenger era we have seen some amazing players come (and go) to Arsenal, but we have also seen some rubbish ones in the last few years, most of them after David Dein’s departure. For every gem we have bought there has been a couple of dud’s. Obviously no manager can get it right every time but Wenger went seriously wrong with not signing any of these 5 players.

5. Radamel Falcao

I’m not entirely how true the story is that Wenger was offered Falcao a few years back but turned him down, but despite that Wenger should have signed him anyway. He would have been a great replacement for Henry, Bergkamp or Van Persie. He is absolutely phenomenal to watch, the way he can single-handedly win a game on just his goals alone, he just rips through a defence so fast and with such skill that they just don’t stand a chance.

4. Vincent Kompany

Why Wenger ever turned down Vincent Kompany is a mystery. A bargain at £6mil I really never understood why Wenger said no. Kompany was one of the best defenders in the Premiership in the last 2 seasons, aiding Man City to the Premiership he was an integral part of their defence. He such a strong centre-back, he’s disciplined and tackles without danger and clears shots very well. He was in the Premier League team of year in the last two seasons and was Premier League player of the season this year and fully deserved to be. Arsene should have snapped him up like a shot.

3. Petr Cech

I think this has to be one of the transfers that Wenger must regret not closing the deal on, especially as he has been one of the best goalkeepers in the Premiership over the last few years. Cech almost signed for Arsenal in 2002 from Sparta Prague, He had agreed terms and a fee but there was an issue with a work permit and therefore Wenger didn’t close the deal. Cech joined Rennes and then transferred to Chelsea. It’s amazing to think we could have had him in goal instead of Mannone.

2. Zlatan Ibrahamovic

In the summer of 2000 Ibrahamovic was close to signing a £3mil deal with the Gunners but he didn’t sign after Wenger asked him to do a trial. Wenger was swiftly told by Ibrahamovic’s agents that “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions” and Wenger turned him down. How amazing would it have been to have a world-class striker like him at Arsenal. He is an incredible striker, he has immense control over the ball and he has scored of the most perfect goals in history. This guy was already on my list but after seeing his incredible goal last night against England it only reinforces his position here.

1. Juan Mata

It’s mad to think that Wenger only had to cough up an extra £3.5mil to nab this player. For ages Mata spoke of the fact that he wanted to join Arsenal but then chose Chelsea after they coughed up the full asking price of £23.5. Mata is easily one of the best players in the premiership, I actually think he could possibly be one of the best in the world. He is so fast, creative and able to wing his way through anything, a very strong skilled player as well. The little Spaniard would have been an immense player to have had at Arsenal a few years back. He would have vastly improved our team and how amazing would it have been to see him with Van Persie.

So that’s my choices. Who would you put on your list?

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