Arsenal Black Scarf Protest

As some of you fans may know already the members of the ‘Where Has Our Arsenal Gone*’ movement have organised a protest walk on the 1st December 2012. The meeting place is at ‘The Cannons’ public house in Blackstock Road at 1.30pm. The protest walk will be starting at 2pm. Gunners in Arms will 100% be attending this walk as we think this is an important step in getting the attention of the Arsenal board and will show them that we are NOT willing to stand for this anymore.

I think it’s great that the WHOAG team have organised this protest. It needed to happen after it became apparent that there are more than just a couple of reasons why Arsenal are sinking. We’ve all seen what money can do to football in the plentiful way but to be greedy in profit and neglect of a football team do not go hand in hand.

I fully support the aims of this protest and I really hope that fans can turn up and give their time to join in on this venture. I will also be one of the fans that will not be attending the game after the protest. I think and wholeheartedly agree with others who have shared this thought that going to the game after protesting about the very people whose pockets we are lining is slightly ironic. But I am fully aware that not everyone shares this view and to be honest the imprtant issue is to attend the walk.

I see so many of us having our say on Twitter and Facebook but it’s worth nothing if we don’t go to events like this and show in numbers that we aren’t satisfied. Even if there is just half a stadium amount of people turn up then it is still enough of protest to get the attention of the board. We as fans need to unite now and stop the board from ruining this club.

Remembering throughout this Gunners: “Victory comes through harmony”

*Where has our Arsenal gone can be found at http://www.wherehasourarsenalgone.co.uk/

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