Arsene Losing his marbles?


It is currently thought that Arsene Wenger may be in his office somewhere rocking back and forth in the corner.

This suggestion stems from his words this morning with his belief we are still in the title race.

Ask West Brom or West Ham if they think they are in it, they are higher than us and currently in a better position. They’ll look at you and laugh if they are asked about Arsenal’s prospects.

Transfer rumours persist surrounding the Wilfried Zaha case, and at £20m, you now feel we have to be priced out of the running. Theo Walcott looks set to be leaving in the January window with Liverpool his most likely destination. Nothing like leaving for a smaller club tho eh?

The biggest concern for Arsenal fans is that Bacary Sagna will more than likely be the next name out the door. His contract at the beginning of the summer still had just under two years to run, and he made it perfectly clear, that no contract negotiations have been taking place.

So we move onto the well-rewarded Carl Jenkinson who this week will more than likely become an England right back. This is as far as I am concerned a good thing but doesn’t hide the fact that we are most likely losing an international one in exchange.

Sagna has been a regular and questions have to be asked as to why, once again we are at this stage where has not been offered a new contract or at least had discussions. The board have to start taking a good look at their offerings to players.

In the Arsene Wenger era, our net transfer spend has been £850k, thanks to Tony Rees for the information and when you look at those figures, it is not hard to see why we are in the situation we are in now.

Any fan deluded enough to sit there and suggest after our worst start under Wenger that we will still be able to compete, needs to go and visit Arsene and Gazidis and take some very strong medication.

We are clearly about the business model and not about the football project. Things must change. If as I am right to believe the Arsenal Supporters Trust actually hold more shares than Stan Kronke, then he must be ousted immediately, for fear that he will start to take money left right and centre out of this club. We need David Dein back and we need his know how as quick as we can.

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