Arsenal V Fulham The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

Once again I am going to start with the positives from this game and then I will continue with the rest of my article. There are so many people complaining that we aren’t seeing the positives so I want to change that.

Olivier Giroud was the most positive thing in that game yesterday. 2 goals scored and they were both good opportunities taken. It’s the first time we’ve really got to see the aerial challenge aspect of him as he scored both goals with his head. The first was a corner kick in and he headed it straight into the goal, it was precise and like he knew he was going to score. The 2nd goal was a rebound off the post and passed back to Giroud who headed it in, once again cracking header. Giroud really created most of the chances in that game and he was definitely man of the match.

Arsenal played in a 4-2-3-1 formation yesterday and this was slightly better than the 4-3-3 we have played over the last few weeks. It worked slightly better in the sense that it created more chances for Giroud and Podolski to both score; we were able to actually get the ball in the box.

Where the formation didn’t work was with the 2 sitting at the back, they didn’t help the already crumbling defence. Steve Bould was meant to be a making a difference and with the first few games we really thought he had, our defence looked the best it had been in years but it hasn’t taken many games for it to return to the old ways.

I don’t know whether Vermaelen should be captain anymore? I don’t think he can concentrate on his game enough with the responsibility of having to motivate the team and keep everyone in their position. He is not having a great season so far. The rest of the defence aren’t much better though to be fair, if one is working well the rest tend to fall apart. There were so many defensive errors that even if it was Szczesny in goal he still would have had a lot of work to do.

Wenger was booed of the pitch at half-time yesterday and again at full-time by the fans. I streamed the game and I have to admit I could see the attendance was lower than normal and also our home fans were particularly quiet. I don’t blame them for not singing, there really isn’t much to sing about at the moment and I don’t blame them for booing either. But just don’t go to the games if you are going to do that? Stop paying money for tickets when you know what you are going to get.

The ugly part of yesterday was people slating Mikel Arteta. He missed a penalty…so what? That man took a pay cut to come to Arsenal, In every single game he has played he plays his heart out, he has been one of the best signings we have made over the last few years and one penalty miss in a generally off game for him is nothing to compared to the amount of good games he has given us. Van Persie would not have scored as many goals as he did last season so back off.

So once again this week concludes with us losing the lead again, and another couple of points lost. I try every week to continue to be optimistic but for the first time ever I think we are really going to struggle to get a Champion’s League place this year, I don’t think we are strong enough at the moment and the team are losing more morale with every bad result. We have Spurs next week and it’s never a predictable game. Whether we win, lose or draw next week, we still need a change at the club.

If you agree or disagree with any comments I have made please feel free to add your thoughts.

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