Remember The Day We Last Won a Cup

Do you remember this day? The feeling you had as we lifted that trophy in 2005, the feeling you got as the goals went in, the moment you looked at this awesome team of players and thought wow well done guys that was some impressive football. I actually cried such happy tears that day, I shouted, I screamed, I laughed and I cried. It was the most amazing feeling to watch that team play the most exciting and passionate football ever.

For us as Arsenal fans every game we have had since that day, feels like it has dragged on forever. In 7 seasons we went from being the team that did 49 games unbeaten to a team that couldn’t even score against the worse defence in the premiership. It happened so quickly and suddenly the prospect of 8 seasons without any silverware seems more and more enevitable. Sadly we are at our worst under Wenger and the whole team looks like it is falling apart at the seams. Something needs to change…

I want Arsenal to go back to the days of playing games to win, players wanting to stay, holding onto our best players, competing with teams at the top of the league, playing exciting football, good tactical decisions, above all I want Arsenal to go back to the days of putting football before finance. When you neglect a football team then there is no point of having the best finance model in town. Last season and this season are proof of that, we have lost all our best players and have replaced them with players that just don’t compare in terms of ability, the team aren’t playing well and that is a fact. We are substandard in key areas and there is a refusal to acknowledge that something isn’t working.

The main trouble at Arsenal is that nobody ever gives a clear answer to anything. For years we have had to endure Wenger saying there is no cash for transfers and then we have the board saying that there is £50-70mil. We are never told anything until the last-minute, that includes the transfers of Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie, they were all decided way before they announced.

We have an investor who is known as Silent Stan because he is never available to speak or interact with other shareholders and board members. He will most likely be taking a huge chunk of money out of the club in the future and then will probably sod off. He is very much into turning Arsenal into a corporation. He owns/has shares in 5 other teams in a variety of other sports in the USA and has been involved for many years. Only one of these clubs has won anything in the years that Stan has invested. Mainly because they have lost their best players. This man is all about the money and doesn’t have an interest in the sport at all. He is rarely at games unless they are important ones and it’s obvious that he is just here for the money.

Peter Hill-Wood is stumbling fool of a man who has made many mistakes, his main one was ever letting David Dein go. Hill-Wood the man who once said about Kroenke “we don’t want his sort involved in our club” is completely at fault for allowing Arsenal to get into this state.  He has such a general disdain for fans and it is disgusting. His lack of empathy and interest over prices during the AGM really annoyed me. It was his last comment that bothered me the most though “Thanks for your interest in our affairs” that for me was a clear-cut insult to the shareholders, AST members and us as fans. We are fully entitled to have an interest and opinion in our club, not your affairs. If we didn’t go to the games and spend money elsewhere within the club then he wouldn’t even have a job. I think he needs to step down now, it’s clear he has lost passion and respect for the club and it’s fans.

I could write all day about Gazidis, the slippery lizard of a man who just acts solely as Arsenal’s main politician. Whilst he talks a good talk it’s clear that this man is about the money too. He talks so much about in two years time or in the future but the issues we have are now. We are not competing now, we aren’t the club that players want to play for anymore, we are currently ruining our reputation and if we don’t address the issues now then in future there won’t be a club to have a great financial model for. Gazidis has been the worst person ever at Arsenal, he gets huge bonuses for practically nothing, we have the worst commercial deals, something he is in charge of and also he just doesn’t realise that overcharging fans to see a team that is falling apart is pure theft. We should not be allowing this man to keep his ‘job’.

I finally come on to Arsene Wenger…the man that most Arsenal fans used to argue over until the last month happened. When Wenger joined Arsenal there was no doubt about it he made an impression in his first few years with a winning spree and a team of ‘Invincibles’, we all loved Le Prof and dreamed of a great future for Arsenal but 8 years after our last trophy and I am left wondering where did it all go wrong for him. The man used to be a football genius and now he just seems like a worried old fool who is too stubborn to admit he has gone wrong. For every good player that Wenger has bought since Dein left there have been 3 duds to match. Wenger has a vision but when this vision stopped working because football has changed and every team plays differently Wenger has refused to tactically adapt. I was always pro Wenger until last season. Now I think he just step down and let someone else take the reins, we need a fresh manager and a fresh team. Where else in the world would you continue to over pay a manager who doesn’t do his job.

I want Arsenal to get back football, that’s where we belong and to do that we need all of these people out of the club. Protests at the Emirates followed by people going to the game after will not work. We need a boycott of putting any money into the club, that means not going to games, not buying food, not buying any programmes or merchandise. If every Arsenal fan done that on one day I bet the board would take notice. We fans need to take control and insist they get us a team of QUALITY players who want to be there and play to win everything, and a manager who has the AMBITION and drive to get a trophy instead of taking 4th place as one, We need a director who can install some faith in the fans and tell us how it is, instead of remaining silent.

So remember the day in the picture above, and remember that we as fans have the right to have a say on how our club is run, we ultimately pay them so let’s take a stand and remember the good old days can happen again.

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