Get ready for the launch!!!

Hi Gunners fans, I’m Paul one of the site admins and on behalf of Niki and myself, welcome to Gunnersinarms.com.

Today marks the start of a huge project for Niki and myself. We are determined to make this site about you guys, the fans. This isn’t a personal project, this isn’t something bore out of frustration for us alone. This is primarily for you guys. The Gunners army.

As stated in our about page, we have noticed that we are not alone in following the Arsenal with our views and thought that if we aren’t alone, who else was it that shared our views? Who else was it that wanted to see Arsenal become that successful team again! Who else had views that were different and wanted to sometimes give us a view different to our own?

So here it is. www.gunnersinarms.com . It’s not about how many likes, how many followers, its about being there as Arsenal fans and sharing opinions about one thing we all have in common. The Red and White and the badge on the shirt. Having said that, the more people we get talking, the better the site will be for everybody so share it like you want to remind Tottenham fans of the gap, share it like you want to remind everybody we went a whole season unbeaten! Share it to spark debate and discuss things that matter to the Arsenal family.

Who remembers the last time they felt good as a Gooner fan? Who remembers how it felt to see Patrick Vieira lift the FA cup above is head or even the Premiership trophy? Think for a minute about watching that on TV and the emotions you felt when you see those images.

Nostalgia is something we all have deep inside us. It’s what drives passion and the belief that you are not alone as a fan. So lets look back at times since then that we have felt that way about our club.

Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona.

Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham

AC Milan away, first team to win at the San Siro, watching Henry run the length of the Bernabeau to beat Real Madrid. Cesc Fabregas wearing the shirt and legends like Bergkamp and Pires. Overmars against United in 1998. All these moments are in our history but recently, history has not been kind to us. Neither have other events.

Hence why today we launch this site, determined to show you the fans, that you are not alone in being disappointed, frustrated, and keen to just see Arsenal succeed again. But, for this changes are required, and we at gunnersinarms.com are determined to give the fans the voice and the platform to voice their views and help return our club to it’s former place amongst England’s elite teams.

From myself and Niki

Come on you Gunners!

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