Arsenal V Man United

Well I am going to start with a positive…yes that’s right there is a positive from Saturday’s game and that is we didn’t lose 8-2. I just wanted to get that positive aspect out there before I continue with the rest of this article. Wouldn’t want to be accused of not seeing the positive(s).

Saturday’s game has prompted a pretty clear negative reaction from fans. Even some of the ‘Arsene knows best’ fans have changed their opinion about Le boss and his capabilities. This game didn’t anger me as much as the Norwich game a few weeks ago but however I am glad that more and more fans are realising that we need to change something within the club.

I used to be filled with excitement at the prospect of watching these games in the past but it’s not the same anymore. The sad fact is Arsenal can no longer compete with Man U in the same way we used to.  I miss the days of Vieira and keen almost touching eyeballs through anger, I miss the passion and tenacity that Arsenal always produced. Now all we get is a dull as dishwater one-sided games were we lose every time.

Arsenal lacked everything on Saturday, I actually don’t know where to start. Tactically the whole game was a mess, players out of position and conceding easy passes to the opposition. We were lacklustre and so very casual in our style of play, our quick one touch football was not going to work in this game and I condemn Wenger for not changing this.

Vermaelen had possibly the worst game I have ever seen him play, it was horrendous to watch. We all know Van P is his bestie so I’m not sure if this was the reason but he played awful, didn’t captain that well either. There was no running around shouting or putting fire into the players. Santos also let certain incidents mess with his head, he has become a liability recently and seems to have lost his defensive ways. He was rarely in position which allowed Man U to have complete access.

Our midfield are strong, it is good to have Wilshere back and he already has made the difference despite him getting sent off. I am wondering how many times Santi Cazorla has to save our arse before we get accused of being a one man team again. This little Spanish wonder is our saving grace this season, he is more settled than some of the players we have had for years. The goal he scored on Saturday was just a glimpse of the player he can be.

Another big problem we have is that our strikers are rarely in the box when they are meant to be. I have noticed this a lot in the last couple of games and I can’t believe Wenger hasn’t. Either he is playing Podolski and Giroud out of position or once again they are not the players we should have bought. There are a lot of silly errors that are being repeated in each game and we are losing morale every week now. This is sadly our worst run in the Wenger Era and I think his time is almost up…

Times are a-changing at Arsenal, I can feel a revolution coming on. We as Arsenal fans might moan at times about our club but we won’t let the board and Wenger run it to the ground. We have a lot more fight than that. So let’s unite and make a stand against the vampires of the club

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