Hi I am the admin that will known as ThePitchIsBack. Myself and fellow Gooners, writing under the names Savvygooner and Goonerscribe, have started this site for reasons that will become clear. It’s important you know a bit about us so you realise this isn’t just another Arsenal site.

I am an Arsenal fan and I have been a fan for most of my life. My first visit to Highbury was when I was just 3 months old and my mum (also a gooner) took me to every home game that she could. My first season that I can recall watching from beginning to end was that famous 88/89 season where we won the last game in the last-minute to win the league. I was just 6 years old and it was definitely the season that sealed my loyalties to the mighty Red and Whites. I absolutely love supporting Arsenal, for me there is no other club. I have enjoyed every minute of supporting them despite how frustrating it gets sometimes and I will always continue. I read write and watch every game I can and I’m always discussing Arsenal with my friends.  I have only been alive to see part of our great history but when you look back, we have had some great achievements, players, games and fans that have made a difference over the years and that’s why so many of us support Arsenal.

Savvygooner is a lifelong Arsenal fan, following them since he can remember back in 1994. Having attended what games possible, he has not missed one game since the age of 7, even watching the club when abroad on holiday so not to miss out on his teams fortunes. He feels passionately about the club and has family who have guided him to supporting this illustrious team. Since his first Arsenal shirt, he has never looked back and feels strongly about the club and the values it stands for. Savvy is a dedicated fan who will never shy away from telling it how he sees it, whilst taking time to acknowledge other people’s thoughts and views.

Goonerscribe is also a passionate and dedicated lifelong fan of Arsenal. He attended his first game at the age of 9 and has loved them ever since. Goonerscribe is extremely proud of where this club has come from and the values it stands for. He watches every game and writes about what he feels are the burning issues at the club. No topic is too controversial if it is important and poignant to the club good or bad he will always have a view on it.

The reason for this website is you guys – the fans. We are not happy about the way the club is being run right now and we have noticed through our article responses, social networking and just general chat with our gooner mates that there are a lot of you that feel the same way. This passion is all very well out in the open, but currently it has nowhere to be directed at! We also have friends from outside the Arsenal network who support our thoughts as if it were for their own club. There are huge issues that are going on at the club at the moment and they are not being addressed in the right way.  The most important thing is that despite of all our differing opinions we want the Gooner Family to unite on the site and have your say and give your opinions on the various subjects that are being discussed. Arsenal are an amazing club and we have so much to take into the future but we are at risk of losing this if we don’t attempt to remove the people from the club that are ruining it for us all.

Our objectives will be to:

  •  Provide articles expressing our opinions and summarising any Arsenal news
  • We will have a page where fans will be able to have their say and give their opinion via video or blog article form.
  • We will try to get to the Emirates on matchdays and interview people on the issues happening at Arsenal
  • We will try to organise a decent way of getting a protest/boycott movement started

The main objective is to get our Gooner Family united and interacting with each other…We are determined not to let Arsenal rot to the core. This site isn’t just for us. It is a real base for all fans, whether with us or against us to put their feelings out there to Gooners who will listen and respond. We welcome your thoughts and anything else you want to talk about going forward. COYG!!!

email us your videos or a short blog post with your opinion at Gunnersinarms@gmail.com


Twitter @Gunnersinarms

Youtube Channel (coming soon)-gunnersinarms

You can also find our other work at





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